Welcome to the very first post in the Meltwater Success Tip series! These regular posts will provide useful, bite-sized tips and tricks for Meltwater News and Meltwater Buzz. If there’s a useful tip that you’d like to share with other Meltwater users, shoot me an email at chris.dotson@www.meltwater.com.

Removing Your Press Releases from a Search

PR professionals who use a media monitoring tool often struggle to exclude irrelevant results from searches. Whether your company shares its name with a fruit (Apple, Inc.) or you compete with only a small division of a massive corporation (Symantec or Oracle), it can be an uphill battle to find only the articles you want. The Meltwater News PR suite solves this problem by using Boolean operators in media monitoring and allowing for filters by geography, language, readership and more.

But what about your own press releases? If you send releases often over the wire, then you’ve probably noticed that your company- or brand-focused search can become inundated with pick up from your own releases. This can make it hard to find those valuable third-party mentions and to separate out paid media from earned media. Luckily, there’s an easy way to separate your company’s press releases from other mentions!


Question: What does every press release have in common?


Answer: Every press release includes your company’s standard boilerplate, a brief few lines that describes your company.


Excluding press releases from a search is as easy as excluding any article with your boilerplate!

Let’s use a search for Meltwater as an example:


“Meltwater” near/2 (news or buzz or “media monitoring” or “social media”)


This search looks for articles that include the word “Meltwater” within two words of “news,” “buzz,” etc. To exclude press releases from this search, use the Boolean operator “NOT” and the opening sentence of your corporate boilerplate.

The updated search looks like this (changes in bold):


(“Meltwater” near/2 (news or buzz or “media monitoring” or “social media”)) not “Meltwater helps businesses drive growth and build brands. Meltwater’s online intelligence”


A few things to note:

  • I included just the first two or so sentences of the boilerplate. I recommend not using the full paragraph as the search matches keywords exactly and you never know if there’ll be a typo or error when your release is re-posted.
  • I added a set of parentheses around the original expression so that the “NOT” modifies the full expression and not just the closest term.


To learn how more about tailoring your searches, reach out to your Client Success Account Manager and look for more tips here on the Success Blog.