Today marks a global celebration for International Women’s Day (#IWD2019), where the world celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women and reflects on our journey as a global community to truly achieve gender equality.

Our goal at Meltwater is to continue to build and grow a ground-breaking company here in Australia, supported by a thriving culture in which our teams aspire to exceed their personal expectations and who want above all else, to succeed together, discover new strengths and shine even brighter.

In honour of #IWD2019, we asked six female leaders from our team in Australia to share their thoughts and advice on what it takes to be a successful leader in the workplace.

1. Own it

“The most important thing to remember is to not be afraid to ask questions. As you progress in your career, you aren’t expected to know everything, and curiosity often leads to knowledge. Too many times, we tend to sit between a) “It’s not my place to know” and b) “I should already know this”. Your professional career isn’t black and white, and you don’t want to get stuck with poor decisions because you were too afraid to ask questions.”

– Cushla McCartney, Managing Director

“If you put in the hard work, give it your all and show what you can do, you can achieve anything. Pursue your dreams – do what you love and continue to prove we all deserve a seat at the table.”

Lauren Welsh, Human Resource Business Partner, Asia-Pacific


2. Be true to yourself

“I believe it’s important to have an implicit sense of self-worth and do whatever you need to do to find that for yourself. Being able to truly believe that you have value to bring, learning how to express that value, and being able to quantify that for your organisation are key skills to get comfortable with. The more self-assurance and confidence you breed for yourself, the easier it becomes in due time to move away from a “fake it ’til you make it” mentality.”

– Beena Yamin, Managing Director


“Women should not feel limited by the expectations they feel are set by others. The most important standards and expectations are those set by yourself. If you feel like there is a disconnect between what your expectations are for your career and reality, I would always recommend speaking up! If you are in the right company, those around you will want you to succeed. If you speak up, you might just be surprised by what you can achieve and how much support you can gather!”

– Georgina Bitcon, Government & Enterprise Sales Lead


3. Innovate

“I think it’s important to change your mindset from gender-specific differentiation. As a woman, I feel we are constantly creating a challenging environment by comparing and contrasting ourselves versus our male colleagues. Of course, it is a lot easier to do this in a workspace that encourages equality but I find recognising my own individuality and strengths has been a huge part of my personal and professional development.

“If your aspirations are to be a leader within a business, you need to be prepared to go over and above the job you have at hand, challenge yourself by taking on more responsibilities, seek out feedback and skills development opportunities that will encourage personal and professional growth in your career. It’s hard work, not easy and is challenging, but then it wouldn’t be fun nor would you grow from these experiences. The key things I still tell myself are: listen (it doesn’t matter who you’re talking to, just listen), take onboard feedback and be grateful that someone has taken the time out to give you constructive feedback (it’s not always freely available), and surround yourself with a good management team who will support and encourage you along your journey.”

– Keighley-Ann Bell, Client Success Director, Asia-Pacific


4. Build your squad

“Your role today isn’t permanent, it’s merely a stepping stone for things to come. Always ensure that you are in an environment where you are constantly learning. If you surround yourself with people that inspire you and approach challenges as learning opportunities, you’ll soon be the inspiration for those around you.”

– Emma Carey, Project Manager, Government

“I’ve been lucky enough to have mentors who at times have seen more potential in me or had more faith in my abilities then I necessary did myself, which in retrospect makes me wonder why I wasn’t able to see some of that as clearly. It’s important to ensure you have people in your court who are willing to both be candid with you in areas you can develop, but also help coach you through the process of realising your full potential (and then keep nudging the bar higher as you get closer to it!).”

– Beena Yamin, Managing Director


Collectively we can all contribute and work towards a gender-balanced world. So for International Women’s Day 2019 and beyond, how will you #BalanceforBetter?

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