My mom always told me that listening is a virtue, but I didn’t realize until much later how important this lesson would be for my career. In social media marketing, good listening skills and metrics are an essential part of a good campaign. The graphs and charts delivered by a social media marketing suite, like Meltwater Buzz, are just as important at the beginning of a campaign as at the end, not to mention ongoing benchmarking and competitive intelligence. By listening on social media and using metrics to decipher the noise, your social media program will be based on reliable data and your campaigns will launch on the right foot and with the right message.

Meltwater Buzz provides metrics for social media monitoring and engagement to facilitate both ad hoc and ongoing analysis of your social programs. Whether you’re listening to inform strategy or summing up your efforts at the end of a campaign, the following metrics will help you get it done faster and more accurately.


Inform Your Campaign | Social Media Metrics

Meltwater Buzz analytics can inform the messaging, distribution channel and timing of your campaign. Start by creating Meltwater Buzz search campaigns (social media searches) that focus on the topic of your campaign or on similar campaigns by competitors.

When the searches are populated, these metrics will be most telling for your campaign:


  • Conversation Volume – How much buzz is there on a topic? When were there spikes and why? This simple bar graph shows the number of hits per day for the selected time period.



  • Conversations by Channel – Where are relevant conversations taking place? This graph gives total hits per channel for the time period and a breakdown by date.



  • Conversation Cloud – What are the main themes or topics in a search or a competitor’s campaign? The conversation cloud shows the most salient themes from the time period with bigger words representing more prominent themes. For additional insights, click on a word to display a list of posts that it’s featured in.



  • View as Map – Where are conversations taking place? Results from your Buzz campaigns can be viewed as an interactive map with details down to the city level.


Benchmarking Success | Social Media Metrics

Ongoing benchmarking is like taking the pulse of your social media marketing programs – before, during, after and even in the absence of any specific campaigns. Marketers benchmark their social media efforts in several ways, such as campaign against campaign, baseline before a campaign against the baseline after a campaign, quarter against quarter, and competitively. Meltwater Buzz has the flexibility to benchmark social media programs from both a listening and engagement perspective.


This graph shows the number of new Facebook likes, Twitter followers and Twitter following during a time period.


  • Social Relationships Net Growth – How has your following on social media changed during the course of a campaign? Does a spike or drop in followers coincide with your marketing activities? This graph shows Facebook likes, Twitter followers, Twitter following and total growth for your brand’s social media accounts.
  • Clicks by Channel – Which channels are most interested in your message? How has this changed over time? This graph measures which channels have had the most click-throughs during a specific time period.
  • Top Posts by Click – Which individual posts performed the best? How did these compare to the most successful posts by competitors? This graph looks at the click-throughs and potential audience of individual posts to determine its reach.
  • Competitive Comparison – How is your social presence performing versus competitors? How did one campaign perform versus another? This section of metrics compares two search campaigns by frequency, number of posts, geographical distribution or sentiment.


Automated Reporting & Bulk Exporter | Social Media Metrics

For ongoing reporting, the Meltwater Buzz report wizard sends automated metrics via email on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. In addition, Buzz supports a bulk export of up to 50,000 incoming or outgoing posts.

The report wizard supports the following metrics:

  • Conversations by Channel
  • Conversations by Date
  • Conversation Volume
  • Total Sentiment by Date
  • Geographical Distribution (by country)
  • Social Engagement Summary


A successful marketing or PR campaign starts with a solid strategy built on solid data. Meltwater Buzz analytics offer several metrics that help marketers quantify and understand the reach and relevance of their social media efforts. So I guess that means that my mom was right…again. Moral of the story? Mom always knows best 🙂

For more information on how to set up and run any of the metrics above, be in touch with your Client Success Account Manager. And for more great content like this, click here to subscribe to the Success Blog.