Tip: When you want to ensure a wide reaching distribution, send your release via a wire service.

Wire releases are just one of the many channels that PR professionals use to get content to their target audiences. Wires are useful for long reach when you aren’t as worried about the individual relevance of the news to the broad audience (think product launch, management changes and Reg FD compliance). They can also have SEO value if you keyword properly. Along with a media contacts database and email distribution of pitches, Melwater News offers access to a wire service across North America via a partnership with NASDAQ’s GlobeNewswire.

Traditional Meltwater News wire releases are sent out in the US, Canada or both and make it into the newsrooms of several thousand North American publications. They also satisfy Regulation Fair Disclosure guidelines in the US set out by the SEC for financial reporting. The second type of wire release, online wires, is distributed to online publications and aggregators only, like Yahoo! Finance, but don’t go the traditional route to newsrooms or print-only publications. Online wires are great for helping promote SEO keywords and for lower-stakes releases.

Keep reading to learn how to include far reaching wire releases in your media outreach strategy by sending releases from Meltwater News.

How to Send a Wire Release



  • Log in to Meltwater News and select the Media Contacts tab in the top right of the screen
  • Click on “outreach” in the menu, then select “Wire”
  • Select “New wire” to set up and send a new release



  • The new wire window that opens has several options and text boxes organized into the following four sections:


1. Wire Information


    • Wire name – This name is for internal Meltwater News use only and is used to identify wire releases within the platform
    • Circuit – This section lets you choose what kind of release you’d like to send. Select between the following release types:
      • US National: A traditional release that goes to several thousand newsrooms and online publications across the US. A US National release meets SEC filing requirements for public companies under Regulation Fair Disclosure.
      • Canada National: A traditional release that goes to several thousand newsrooms and online publications across Canada
      • Online: Online only releases are sent to online publications with large readership, but are not sent to newsrooms. Online releases are most useful for boosting SEO and for lower-stakes releases.
      • North America National: A combination of US National and Canada National releases
    • Attachments – Wire releases sent out via Meltwater News support up to two attachments
    • Release Routing & SEO – The options to the right of the Wire Information section ensure that your release gets posted in the correct category on GlobeNewswire and gets routed correctly at publications. They also help with SEO.
      • Content code: Select up to three content codes. Content codes specify what kind of release you’re sending and help with routing. Choose between options like “Product/Services Announcements,” “Feature Article,” and “Sports.”
      • GNW Keywords: Select up to three GNW keywords that tell GlobeNewswire where to post your release on their site
      • Tags: Input up to 10 tags separated by commas. These tags help further with routing and are where you can input the SEO keywords you’ve optimized your release for.
      • Related links: Include up to five links related to your release. Always link to your website, the website of any partners listed and any other site that you’d like to generate traffic for with your release.


2. Wire Headings


    • Headline – The external-facing headline of your release
    • Sub-Headline – Not required
    • State / Country – Select the state or province of your release that will be automatically added to the top of the release when sent
    • City – The city will also be added to the top of your release when sent


3. Wire Content


    • Paste the content of your release into the text box or compose the text here. Tables, links and lists are supported.


4. Wire Contact


    • Input the contact information for this release. If you’re an agency sending the release on behalf of a client, get in touch with your Client Success Representative to ensure that your client’s sub-account is set up correctly.
  • Click “Create wire” when all information is correct. This will not send the wire.



  • All drafts, sent and scheduled releases are listed on the main screen
  • To send your release, click on the envelope in the Quick Tools column on the right of the screen



  • To schedule your release to send in the future, click on “Schedule wires” and select the send date and time
  • If possible, schedule your releases ahead! This will save you time and ensure that releases go out exactly when you want.
  • Always include keywords from your SEO strategy in your releases and make sure to put them at tags
  • Large attachments can reduce the pick up of your release. Use attachments only when necessary and make sure they’re not too big.
  • Don’t use all caps in headlines. This is the easiest way to make your release look like spam and reduce pick up.


Tips & Best Practices

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