What percentage of your workdays look like this: write a press release, tweet at a journalist, run email marketing metrics, talk to the producer of a product video, oh, and don’t forget to promote your new blog post on LinkedIn? Put simply, PR and marketing professionals are expert multi-taskers and the tools they use should support such a hectic schedule. The Meltwater News platform’s article archive feature is designed with a busy schedule in mind. Keep reading to learn how the article archive can save you time on daily to-dos and on longer-term reporting for your business.


Meltwater News Article Archive

The article archive within the Meltwater News platform is a place to store and organize articles and social media posts. In addition to basic storage, the archive integrates closely with the analyze, newsfeed and newsletter tools.




You’re heading to the office and see an important article written by a journalist that you don’t know. Archive that article directly from your daily alert email by clicking on the “Archive” icon just below it. You can also archive results from the Agents tab using the Quick Tool icons to the right of each hit.



The Archive tab on the top of the screen opens to a page that is very similar to the Agents tab. Archive folders are used to organize results, with PR pros often organizing results by region, event, competitor or product. Select a folder to view using the drop-down menu in the top left of the screen.



The Quick Tools to the right of each article in the archive include the same forward, translate, share to Facebook and share to Twitter icons as you’ll find in the Agents tab. In addition, the arrow icon moves or copies articles into other archive folders, the pencil icon lets you add a brief description to an article and the “X” icon removes the selected articles from the archive.


Tips & Best Practices



  • Click on “Graph” or “Matrix” to run analytics on an archive folder. This is useful when you need to hand select the articles for a report or when keyword and publication filtering isn’t enough.
  • Click on “Export” to download an Excel clip report with the contents of an archive folder
  • The article archive allows users to hand select articles to appear in the newsfeed or newsletter tools. After a quick set up by your Client Success Account Manager, you can archive articles into a designated folder from the daily alert email or the Agent tab to populate a newsfeed or newsletter.
  • Social media results and news articles can’t be archived in the same folder, but both can feed into a newsfeed or newsletter
  • The time period selector in the top right of the screen lets you view a full year of archived posts


How will you use the article archive? If there are any other Success Tips that you’d like to see on this blog, send me an email at chris.dotson@www.meltwater.com.


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