The most common way that Meltwater News users interface with the platform is via regular email alerts. Up to two alerts can be scheduled to go out daily, or you can choose to receive an email every time a new article is written on a topic of interest (to learn more about alert emails, take a look at 3 Quick Start Tips for Meltwater News). Auto stats a highly valuable, yet often forgotten, feature that inserts simple weekly metrics into your email alerts on the day of your choosing.

The metrics cover the last seven days of mentions for news searches and are a fantastic way to quantify the week’s press mentions for you, your competitors and the industry. Keep reading to learn how to turn Auto Stats on in your account in a few simple steps.



Above is an example of auto stats included in an email alert. On the left is a geographic breakdown of where press has come through for this search agent in the last week. On the right is a word cloud that displays the most prominent themes or topics from this search agent in the last week. With auto stats enabled you’ll receive a quick look at these metrics for each of the news search agents in your account on the selected day and in the selected email alert.



To enable auto stats, click on “Users” or “Distribution” (depending on user permissions) in the toolbar at the bottom of the Meltwater News platform. First enable auto stats by clicking the checkbox in the menu, then select which email alerts will display which agents by selecting the radio buttons below “Morning,” “Afternoon” or “None.” Lastly, choose the day you’d like to receive auto stats in your emails and save the selection on the bottom of your screen.

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