The dashboard is the very first thing that users see when they log in to the Meltwater News platform. It provides an at-a-glance overview of news and social media searches with graphs and charts that display information for the previous day, month or year. The metrics on the dashboard change for news searches and social media searches, due to the difference in scope for their results. All of the metrics on the dashboard are interactive, so feel free to click on them to view a custom time period or a list of search results. Below I’ve put together an explanation of the graphs and charts on the dashboard so that you’re getting the most out of it for your business.


News Results | Meltwater News Dashboard

The dashboard displays four quadrants when you’re viewing news results. To select an agent to view, use (1) the drop-down menu in the top left of the screen. The news and social media searches are clearly labeled. You’re able to (2) select a time period to view for each of the four quadrants on the dashboard. Keep in mind that this will display information beginning yesterday and going back the selected time period. The hits and sentiment graphs have (3) additional graphs accessible by clicking the tabs below them.





  • Hits – The hits graph is a basic breakdown of volume of hits for the selected time period. Clicking on any of the time points will bring you to a full breakdown of the hits for this time period.
  • Sentiment – The sentiment graph uses Meltwater’s natural language processing (NLP) technology to estimate the positive, negative or neutral sentiment of an article. This is best used as a trend to benchmark changes in journalist sentiment over time.
  • Top Publications – This chart displays the publications that have returned the most hits in the given time period. This graph is especially useful for competitive intelligence to get a better idea of where they focus their PR efforts.
  • Countries – The countries chart is a heat map that shows the distribution and density of news results globally. To zoom into a region, use the links on the bottom of the chart.


  • Percentage – This chart gives the growth percentage for a search by hits and sources for the last day, week or month versus the previous day, week or month. In the graph above you’ll see that in the last month this search had 206 hits versus 103 hits in the month prior. If there was a decrease in search volume, the chart will display the negative growth in red. The percentage chart is especially useful when you’re running a PR campaign designed to increase coverage. You can see, at-a-glance, if there’s been an increase and by exactly how much.
  • Cloud – The word cloud displays the most salient themes or topics from the results in the selected time period, with more prominent themes displayed in bigger text. This graph is interactive, so clicking on a word displays the hits that it appears in. The word cloud is a great way to see if your intended messaging is coming through in the press or to quickly identify trends within industry search results.


Social Media Results | Meltwater News Dashboard

The dashboard for social media results is divided into three quadrants with the same time period choice of day, week or month for each metric. This beta version of the social dashboard gives an overview of the most recent social media search results from your account, allowing you to see the social media impact of campaigns.




  • Media Spread – This graph gives total hits for the time period, broken down by channel. It displays as bar graph for the day view, and as a line graph for the week and month views. The pie chart on the bottom left gives the channel breakdown.
  • Social Sentiment – This graph uses the same NLP technology as in the news results dashboard. Use this to understand trends in social media sentiment over time. This is a good indication of consumer sentiment, especially for B2C companies.
  • Live Feed – The live feed displays the most recent social media results for the selected search. For a more comprehensive list, visit the Agents tab on the top of the screen.


The Meltwater News dashboard was built to give users a quick snapshot of campaign success on both news and social media. It’s also a great tool to stay on top of trends in your industry and to better understand the competitive landscape at-a-glance. If there are any other topics you’d like to see on the Meltwater Success Blog, or if you’d like to write a guest post, send me an email at


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