Sometimes small things can have a big impact on how smoothly your day goes – like when you finally figure out the perfect way to organize your iOS apps or catch the express bus to the office (the 30X in San Francisco is notoriously crowded and hard to get on). The same goes for the tools that you use daily for work. This week’s success tip describes how to change the order of agents within the Meltwater News PR platform and on the daily email reports that it sends.

Changing the order of agents in the platform can help you prioritize important brand-related searches, timely campaign-specific searches or social media searches. In addition to re-ordering agents, you can select to change the order of agent categories, that is news, social media, or RSS feeds. When you change the order of agents you can select to make the change in only your user account, in a different user account, or across all users. Keep in mind that these changes will also be reflected in your morning report emails.

Read on for the simple instructions that could make your day run a little bit smoother.


How to Re-Order Agents


  • Log in to Meltwater News and navigate to the “Agents” tab


  • Click on “Re-order Agents” in the top right of the screen



  • Select for which users you’d like to make changes using the “Re-order for” drop-down menu


  • To change the order of categories, that is News, Social Media or Feeds, simply drag the category names


  • To re-order the agents within a category, select the category from the “Re-order Agents within a Category” drop-down menu, then drag the agents into your preferred order


  • Click “Save” and smile, because your day just got smoother 🙂