For every PR pitch that you send out, there are usually three or four other ideas that didn’t make the cut. But that’s not to say that the other pitches weren’t good ideas. In PR, a successful pitch is more than just a good idea – timing and demand are everything! The Meltwater News PR suite allows you to perform ad hoc searches to gauge the amount of coverage on a topic of interest. The ad hoc search leverages the full depth of the Meltwater News media search, returning results quickly and searching through historical data going back several years. Keep reading for a quick guide to ad hoc searching and be confident that every pitch you make has an engaged audience.


Ad Hoc News Searching Guide

The ad hoc news search is located in the “Search” tab at the top of the Meltwater News interface. You can select to conduct a “simple” or “advanced” search in the top left of the page and the system will remember your most recent ad hoc searches.



The simple search works similarly to a Google search. Remember to use quotation marks around a multiple-word phrase for increased accuracy. Creating an advanced search is nearly identical to creating an agent in Meltwater News, including support for filters by publication, geography, readership and language. The advanced ad hoc search also includes a time period selector.


For more on how to use Boolean operators and custom source selections to target press mentions more precisely check out my post on How to Search in Meltwater News.

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