The Analyze tab in the Meltwater News platform gives you the flexibility to run several different metrics to support your PR and marketing campaigns. Analyze taps into the Meltwater News source base of over 200,000 online media publications to return precise results that can help you when setting the strategy for a campaign and measuring its results. While you can run metrics on existing search agents, Analyze is most flexible when you create analytics-focused searches, known as statistics. A statistic is like a search agent, however you can create an unlimited number, they do not send email alerts and they live in the Analyze tab. In this success tip I’ll explain the value of creating statistics separate from search agents as well as how to make them.


Why create a statistic?

The best way to answer this question is to consider how search agents are often structured. The vast majority of companies set up the following search agents: company/brand/product, competitors, and industry. These ongoing searches are often supplemented with campaign-focused searches as needed. Creating a statistic gives you the flexibility to be more precise in your reporting. Below are a few ways that Meltwater customers use statistics in the Analyze tab:

  • Focus on specific geographic markets (state or province level of granularity)
  • Create metrics that focus on a single competitor in a specific industry or market
  • Focus on a hand-picked list of industry publications
  • Calculate share of voice versus individual competitors
  • Calculate paid versus earned media pick up for a campaign


How do I create a statistic?

Good news! Statistics are created in exactly the same way that search agents are created. For step-by-step instructions, click here to read How to Search in Meltwater News.


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