Using social listening to stay on top of trends and find content to curate is a challenge faced by even the most experienced marketer. The sheer quantity of conversations and variety of topics makes finding those few valuable tweets or posts a daunting task when done by hand or using free tools. Our partner, The Marketing Technology Blog, uses Meltwater Buzz in its social listening efforts to cut through the noise to find valuable nuggets that will resonate with their audience.

Douglas Karr, veteran blogger and founder of The Marketing Technology Blog, receives daily email alerts from Buzz that include tailored posts and some simple metrics. In his post Meltwater Buzz Updates: Curation, Value and Authority, Douglas describes how daily emails from Meltwater Buzz help him remain an authoritative voice in the marketing technology world.


This social listening campaign looks for posts on mobile marketing. Simple analytics give an overview of the day’s posts.


The social listening email alerts start with a high-level breakdown of each campaign, with the keywords driving the search, numbers of hits per channel, and a word cloud that displays the prominence of each topic or theme.


The list of full results from your social listening campaign includes views, rank, date and channel, along with action items for a quick response.


The remainder of the email gives a full list of the social listening results, including the potential audience (reach) and the authority (rank).

To read the full article and learn more about what Douglas looks for, head over to The Marketing Technology Blog.