I know 4 things to be true: Marketers love to talk about content marketing.  Marketers love infographics. We all love videos and photos of kittens doing something adorable. And, most of us (the smart ones) love bacon.

Now, I love all four of these things. So, when I stumbled across an infographic that manages to satisfy ALL 4 at once, I knew a quick article was in order. After all, the creators deserve a shout out for their brilliant infographic content marketing.  Crafted by none other than the Marketo, content marketing geniuses and makers of incredible marketing automation software, the following infographic is a perfect example of fantastic content marketing.

5 Reasons the Kittens and Bacon Infographic = Content Marketing Greatness

  1. It’s funny/Entertaining: People love to be entertained, and great content marketing is often entertaining. If you can entertain people as they learn about and gain interest in your brand,  you have succeeded.
  2. It’s relevant: The best content marketing is relevant to its intended audience, and in this case Marketo nailed it. We can safely assume that their audience is made up of both humans and marketers and, as such, we can assume that most of them love kittens and bacon. And since they are marketers they undoubtedly love infographics.
  3. It contains great data:  Great Infographics require excellent supporting data. After all, infographic is really just a fun word we use to describe data visualization.
  4. It contains a lesson: Fun, entertaining data visualization is fantastic, but without a lesson of some sort this infographic would have fallen flat. By rounding out the data with suggested ways for incorporating kittens and bacon in to your marketing, Marketo has given readers useful advice.
  5. It has bacon and baby cats: They had me at bacon, but the kittens sealed the deal. Simple as that.

Without further delay – please enjoy the brilliance that is Kittens and Bacon: infographic content marketing at its finest!

Infographic Content Marketing is the Cat’s Meow (+ Bacon)

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