We all know that there’s a lot of data on social media. In fact, Meltwater Buzz pulls in, analyzes and indexes more than 2.5 billion conversations monthly. With all the noise out there, insights pulled from across an online community are often more valuable for marketers than any individual post. The Home tab in Meltwater Buzz provides those insights at-a-glance. It’s the first thing you see when you log in to Buzz and displays an overview of social media results across channels as well as your engagement on Facebook and Twitter from Buzz. The left side of the home tab displays Listen data and the right side displays your engagement. To dive in deeper into any of the metrics, click on the chart to see a more detailed graph on the Listen or Engage tab.


Listening Metrics

Conversation Volume – How much buzz is there on a topic? When were there spikes and why? This simple bar graph shows the number of hits per day for the last two weeks.

Conversations by Channel – Where are relevant conversations taking place? This graph gives total hits per channel for the last two weeks.

Conversation Cloud – What are the main themes or topics from a search campaign? The conversation cloud shows the most salient themes from the last two weeks with bigger words representing more prominent themes.

Conversation Sentiment – This graph uses Meltwater’s natural language processing (NLP) technology to estimate the positive, negative or neutral sentiment of results. Use this to understand trends in social media sentiment over time. Social sentiment is also a good indication of consumer sentiment, especially for B2C companies.


Engagement Metrics

Account Overview – This chart gives an overview of activity across all connected social media accounts in the last 7 days. For Twitter accounts you’ll see Following, Followers, New Followers and Engagement. For Facebook accounts you’ll see Page Likes, Talking About (People Talking About This, or PTAT), New Page Likes and Engagement.

Engagement Volume – This graph shows the total number of incoming posts to the selected account in the previous two weeks. Click on the arrow to select a different connected account.

Engagement by Channel – This graph displays the percentage all connected accounts contributed to total outbound engagement in the last two weeks. Mouse over slices of the pie chart to see details per account.

Community Total Growth – This graph shows the rise and fall of followers, following on Twitter, and likes on Facebook in the last two weeks. Click on the arrow to select a different connected account.


The Home tab is intended to give you a quick view of recent activity on any of your search campaigns and your inbound and outbound engagement. Along with more detailed metrics in the Listen, Engage and Report tabs, it’s a great way to keep tabs on the success of your social programs.

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