In the online world, content is king. That means social media content, blogs, e-books, white papers, and your company’s website. Good online content is a proven, low-cost way to prompt sharing, repeat visits, increased brand confidence, sales/membership/donations, and the marketing Holy Grail, customer advocacy. So then, why is it that the majority of company websites that you visit are essentially one big “About Us” section? It’s important to present your products, corporate goals and company history, but a website that only says what a company does is a missed opportunity!

There are several ways to incorporate more relevant and engaging content on your website, but here we’ll focus on one of the quickest: curated content using the Meltwater News newsfeed. The newsfeed is a configurable feed of information – articles, social media posts or other content – that can be placed anywhere on your website and is built by Meltwater’s support team to match your company’s brand standards. Curated content can flow automatically from a search agent into a newsfeed, or you can choose to add content manually via the archive.  Each newsfeed supports the following functionality:

  • Static or scrolling motion
  • Horizontal, vertical or news ticker configuration
  • Pagination
  • RSS subscribe


The newsfeed can be configured to fit your company’s needs, whether it goes on your homepage, a resource page or even on your company’s intranet. Keep reading for a few use cases that outline how others have used the newsfeed.

Use Case #1: A Member Supported Non-Profit

A non-profit organization that focuses on early childhood education was looking for ways to increase traffic to its new website. The organization also prides itself on keeping members and parents up-to-date with their latest advocacy and lobbying efforts. The newsfeed was a great way to kill two birds with one stone!

They incorporated a scrolling newsfeed with an RSS subscription option on their homepage and promoted the RSS link in member communications via email and social media. With just a few clicks, the organization populated the feed with relevant articles that came through their Meltwater News account. They were also able to insert press releases and links to other PDF content that they produced internally.

As part of a greater shift in SEO and content strategy, the newsfeed on their site helped the non-profit increase web traffic. It also helped them become a resource for members and anybody else interested improving early childhood education.

Use Case #2: A Semiconductor Company

A medium-sized semiconductor company recognized that there was a lack of centralized information regarding new technology in their industry. They wanted to make their website an industry resource for innovation news and position their company as a thought leader in the space. To accomplish this, the company outlined a strategy that included building an industry portal on their website.

In addition to financial information and content from their blog, the industry portal displayed news and social media result picked up in Meltwater News in two newsfeeds. Both feeds populated automatically to display up-to-date content from industry news sources and blogs. Along with an increased PR presence and speaking engagements for their CEO, the newsfeeds and industry portal helped the company start down the path to thought leadership.


As part of an integrated strategy, the Meltwater News newsfeed is an easy way to make your website more engaging with curated content. Becoming a thought leader doesn’t happen overnight, but as is the trend with Pinterest and Flipboard magazines, the way you curate and organize content is as important as the content you write first hand. Whether the goal is to increase web traffic, become a thought leader or find a value-add for donors, a newsfeed will definitely help your website transcend being just an “About Us.”