Looking for that perfect gift for the PR pro in your life (or for an office Secret Santa)? Well, look no further – we’ve put together a list of gifts, in a variety of price ranges, that will make the recipient jump for joy!

  1. Yoga studio gift certificate. PR is ranked as one of the most stressful jobs year after year – so get your wound-up PR pro a yoga gift certificate to help them find their inner OM. As Marc mentioned in 10 Steps to Managing a PR Crisis, the first step is to take a deep breath to calm yourself before jumping in to control the situation. A little yoga can go a long way in helping that happen.
  2. Spa Treatments. Again, a relaxed and refreshed PR pro makes better decisions in a crisis situation. Help them unwind with a hot stone massage.
  3. Booze. In case the yoga and spa treatments don’t work. Red wine is always a good choice, as is the hard stuff – I’d recommend anything from Tobin James, and Hangar 1 vodka is usually a popular choice.
  4. Caffeine. While vodka is a great gift, it’s generally frowned upon to drink it in the office – so spring for some quality tea or coffee to keep your PR pro alert during the workday.
  5. A puppy. This is a risky gift, but who doesn’t love a puppy? Research has shown that dogs lower stress levels and contribute to human health.
  6. Novelty items. Sites like Cafepress have wonderful little stocking stuffers for your PR pro, like this “May the Press be with You” Journal or this dog T-Shirt (if you get them a puppy, puppy clothes are also highly encouraged).
  7. iPad or iPad Mini. PR pros are online before getting out of bed in the morning, before going to sleep at night, and while they’re out and about during the day – so make their lives easier with an iPad. It’s more portable than a computer, but has a bigger screen than a phone.
  8. Touchscreen-friendly gloves. The perfect complementary gift for the iPad or iPad Mini – or just for your friend who’s on the phone a lot – touchscreen-friendly gloves will help them keep their hands warm when they’re busy emailing, texting or updating social media accounts.
  9. A subscription to Meltwater, of course! What, did you think we’d miss this prime opportunity for shameless self-promotion? Clearly, this is a must-have for any PR pro to stay organized and work efficiently. Check out our PR solutions for more details.

Happy Holidays!