As the proliferation of technology redefines organisations and careers, you would assume that there are more women in technology roles and companies now than ever before.

The reality is, a gender imbalance still exists within the IT industry in Australia. A recent Deloitte Access Economics study found that women make up just 27.8 percent of the IT workforce. And despite a recent rise in growth in IT employment, women employed in ‘Computer System Design and Related Services’ in Australia has been on the decline since there was gender parity back in 1990, according to the ABS.

The good news is, more technology companies in Australia such as Canva, Meltwater and Xero see a diversified workforce as crucial to business success. At Meltwater, our female ratios and the diversity of our leadership and technical teams is a testament to our company empowering our female employees in their careers and providing an environment where we can grow and develop.

If you’re reading this and you’re a woman looking to build a career in tech – don’t hesitate. Just go for it. 

There is still a misconception that a coding experience or a technical background is mandatory to work in tech. There is an equally important place for ‘non-tech’ skills, such as expertise in data analytics, online business models, digital marketing, sales and new business development, e-commerce, social media strategy, operations and infrastructure. Not to mention that the best companies (regardless of industry) will offer continuous learning, training and development opportunities for their employees.

What’s more important are these characteristics if you’re looking to build a career in tech:

1. Drive, determination and tenacity.

The tech industry continues to transform and is increasingly defined by disruption and the need to embrace change. You need to be prepared to go the extra mile to achieve your goals; and challenge yourself by adapting to the changing environment, trying new things and taking on more responsibilities (and never giving up!).


2. The capacity and ability to learn.

A common misconception as you progress your career is that you need to know everything. You don’t. Curiosity often leads to knowledge. Your professional career isn’t black and white, and you don’t want to get stuck because you were too afraid to ask questions and learn.


3. Embrace obstacles, setbacks, or challenges.

Of course, these are not unique to the tech industry. But if you view obstacles, challenges or setbacks as opportunities to learn and to adapt, you will thrive in your career in tech and enjoy the fast-paced, dynamic workplace environment.


4. Self-confidence.

I work with exceptional people here at Meltwater and we are always encouraged to share our opinions, perspectives and ideas. If you have an opinion or an idea, speak up and with conviction. You might just be surprised by what you can achieve and how much support you can gather. If you are in the right company, those around you will want you to succeed.

Have you got what it takes for a rewarding career in tech? Of course you do!

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