If you read our blog post on 2014 social media trends (or any other social media trends blog post, for that matter), you are well aware that visual content is where it’s at this year. And, if you read my previous post on using Pinterest for B2B marketing, you’ve probably already started some pretty cool boards to showcase all your visual content, like infographics, eBooks and webinars. So, today, I’m going to show you how to embed those awesome boards and pins (or your entire profile) into your blog posts to get more Pinterest engagement.

Step 1:

Go to Pinterest’s widget builder.

Step 2:

Select whether you’d like to create a pin, board or profile widget. Note: you can also create a pin it button and a follow button from the builder.

Step 3 (for profile or board widgets only):

For profile or board widgets, choose the size you’d like your widget to be. You can choose square, sidebar, header, or custom. There is only one size for pin widgets.

Step 4:

Click the Build It! button.

Step 5:

Copy the code and paste it into the page where you want your widget to appear. Tip: Preview the page before saving your changes, just to ensure you did it correctly.

Sound easy? That’s because it’s part of our new quick tip series for social media, and it is easy (and quick!). With the extra exposure to your Pinterest pins, boards and profile, you’ll be getting more Pinterest engagement in no time.

See This Tip in Action:

Check out Meltwater’s latest post from our Questionable Stock Photos series, Tree Hugger, and scroll to the bottom to see our Pinterest board dedicated to all of our favorite questionable stock photos. We’d love some re-pins, while you’re at it!

Please share your tips for Pinterest engagement with a comment!