Do you have a Klout account? If so, how often do you log in?

If you’re anything like me, you might log in once or twice a month to check on your Klout Score and gloat about it (hey, I work at a social media company). Last week, however, Klout introduced a major update that is about to seriously increase their daily active users – a content curation and scheduling tool that aims to help you raise your Klout Score.

How #NewKlout Works

Klout’s new interface has 3 main tabs:

Klout’s new Create tab “intelligently recommends content that will strike a chord with your unique set of friends, fans, and followers,” meaning it will curate content that your community will probably engage with – therefore helping you increase your Klout Score.

Beside each curated article, you may see the following pins:

  • Hot off the Press is an article which has been recently published
  • On the Rise is an article that is just starting to trend
  • Hidden Gem is content your audience probably hasn’t seen yet
  • Crowd Pleaser is the only one I haven’t personally seen show up in my feed, but it apparently “signals content that your followers would be interested in” – which I thought was what all of the articles were supposed to be. I guess I’ll see.

You may then immediately post or schedule this content to your Twitter and/or Facebook profiles. So far, I’ve seen pretty great content coming through my stream, and I can “thumbs down” content I don’t like, so that the algorithm will learn to show me less content like it.

The Schedule tab is a way to see all of the content you’ve shared from the Create tab – although you can’t schedule any content found outside of the platform at this time. You can edit or delete your content, or choose to send it immediately.

The Measure tab is pretty much the old homepage right now – with a 90-Day Score History, Network Breakdown and the recent activity that has impacted your Klout Score – although there is a notification that click tracking, reach and reaction metrics will be available soon.

What This Means

In my opinion, Klout has found a great way to increase their daily active users which, by itself, will help draw more advertising dollars to Klout Perks. Most notably, though, is that this opens a new revenue stream in the form of sponsored content. While the Klout Score was a fun vanity metric for social media geeks, #NewKlout has some serious potential to get into the content curation game.