Software-as-a-service (SAAS) is one of the fastest growing sectors in the business technology landscape today. All types of organisations are turning to SAAS providers due to their scalability, budget efficiencies and the quick pace at which they evolve.

Each company will have selection criteria for choosing a SaaS provider that is unique to its business model and needs. That being said, there are a few common considerations companies should keep in mind when selecting a SaaS provider right for them. Like any transaction, it is important that you have a sound idea that the company is transparent, has proven experience servicing similar clients to you, is compliant with industry standards, has financial stability, and can be trusted advisors to your team.

Some good indicators that will help you judge these criteria include:

  • Investment in their product: How often does the company invest in their product? Are their regular product updates that happen to help improve the user experience? A company that has an avid commitment to investing in their product shows a commitment to being the best for their clients and prospects.
  • Investment in their people: Is the headcount of the organisation growing? Have they won any awards to suggest the place is a great place to work? If employees are genuinely happy to work at the company, it is easy to assume they love their work and are probably very good at what they do.
  • Investment in the future: Is the business looking to be the first to expand into new products or services? Have they made a particular partnership or joint venture with a visionary product or service? If a business can predict future trends and jump on this early, you as a user will reap the benefits of this visionary approach.
  • Investment in their user experience: Does the company have a user experience department? When you’re demoing the product is the look and feel appealing? Could you see yourself using this product only after some basic training? It is important that a business invests in an easy user experience as they should be in the business of making your life easier not harder! Ensure that your interaction with the product was as seamless as possible!

All in all, it is important to ask all these questions to understand what type of journey your partnership will be. It is easy to assume many things when selecting any service provider, however having an appetite to ask the right questions will help not hinder this process!