March Madness (which extends into April – it’s madness, I tell you!) is heating up with the Final Four showdown tomorrow night.  When I did my Sweet 16 picks based on nothing but chatter volume, I definitely expected to do better than I did last year: the team I picked to win it all last year was knocked out in the first round, so there wasn’t actually any way to do worse.

What I didn’t expect was to get 8 out of 8 picks correct.  This made for a very special “Interesting Topic” to add to our Monday morning marketing meeting, so thanks, social listening tools: you made our morning.

Out of sheer curiosity I’m using the same method to predict the Final Four, which is: measure the volume of social chatter around the teams playing, and choose the winners according to who has the most talk.

Final Four Predictions:



[ed note: due to reading the chart wrong, I typed Wisconsin in rather than Florida.  But the Huskies and their tight-lipped New England fan base beat out the more socially-mentioned Gators.  Ah, well: still better than last year.]

Kentucky is dominating social chatter overall, so if I had to pick the team to win it all right now with this admittedly ridiculous methodology, that’s who I’d pick.  But that’s not actually how the method works (there is method to my April Absurdity): I like comparing the team chatter after the most recent round of games, and up until the day before the next round.

That’s just how it works.  And I don’t question a method this silly yet uncannily accurate (that one time).

Whether my Final Four predictions end up being as directly correlated to social chatter as the Sweet 16 games were remains to be seen; whatever happens, I’ll at least have another “Interesting Topic” to share in our Monday marketing meeting.