Typo in your Facebook post? No worries, now you can edit!

How many times have you noticed a typo in a Facebook post and gone through the process of deleting and re-publishing to fix the error? What a pain! Well, no more “delete editing” needed – Facebook has announced that over the next few days it will roll out a new feature that allows users to edit their posts.

At launch this feature will be available on Facebook.com and the Facebook Android app. The edit function is not included in the latest app for iOS, but is expected to be included in the next update.

The best part, making a Facebook post edit is quite simple!

Users will see an “Edit Message” option when they click on the down arrow in the upper right corner of their post. Selecting this option will allow users to edit and modify as needed. When edits are complete simply select “Done Editing.”

Post editing has long been a hot topic for Facebook and its users. On one hand users wanted a way to easily edit, on the other hand they were concerned about edit trickery.  A few months ago I asked followers on Facebook School whether users should be able to edit Facebook posts, I found about half preferred no editing because of the risk of malicious editing.

For instance, I could post “like if you love Coke” and many of my friends would click like. Then I could go in and edit the word “Coke” to “Pepsi.” My Coke loving friends would be unhappy with this edit and their recorded “like” of the rival soft drink company.

Good news, Facebook has this covered. All edited posts will include an edit history so that users can see changes made to all edited posts.

I love that Facebook is putting more and more functionality in users’ hands; placing the responsibly for ethical use into hands of users feels like the right direction.

What do you think about the ability to edit posts on Facebook?