Facebook announced yesterday that they’re tweaking the Newsfeed to prioritize “trending” posts that match current events.  What this means is that when you’re watching the big game on TV, your Facebook feed will now work more like Twitter: the content around that game will be prioritized over, say, the terrible picture of you in the plaid tuxedo jacket that you dug out of the archives for #TBT.

What this means for brands is that Facebook newsjacking should be more effective now than it was before, which gives marketers an opportunity to counter the organic reach limit that Facebook slapped on us in March.

Speaking of newsjacking, if you didn’t see this clever video from Samsung (who might have had better results on Facebook with it had it launched with the new algorithm changes), here was their response to Apple’s #AppleLive stream failure: their stream crashed during the launch of their iPhone6 and Apple Watch.