Like most businesses, PR agencies can benefit from a well-thought out Facebook presence and strategy. Facebook is not only great for brand awareness, but is a proven lead generation and customer support channel. If you don’t already have a Facebook Business Page, it’s high time for you to sign up – it’s easy! Once the easy part is done, the fun part begins – check out these Facebook marketing tips for PR agencies to kick your social presence up a notch!

  1. Complete your profile, and pay particular attention to your address, phone number, hours of operation, category, and description – all of which help you turn up more frequently in Graph Search results. Make it easy for employees, prospects and clients to find you on Facebook!
  2. Add links to your Facebook page everywhere: your website, email signature, business cards, collateral, … anywhere you can think of! Again, make it easy for people to find you!
  3. Run a graph search query to see what your fan’s other interests are. To do this, go to your personal profile, and type something like this into the search box: Pages liked by people who like [your company page]. This will show you a list of other pages your fans like, so you can post related content. For example, if you find that people who like your PR agency also like Oreo, you can share content about Oreo’s PR stunts. Or, if you see that your fans also like PRSA, you should consider joining the organization, and/or sponsoring some of their events. You may also search for Interests liked by people who like [your company page], to get even more information about your fans.
  4. Follow other pages that your fans like, so you can more easily curate content and keep an eye on the industry. There are two great ways to do this: 1) follow the page as yourself (on your personal profile) and add the page to an interest list and 2) like the page as your page. Particularly when following other PR industry pages, other than direct competitors, engage with those pages as yourself, and as your brand page, to build relationships. Over time, you may form a mutually beneficial relationship where each you helps extend the reach of the other page by commenting on their posts and sharing their content.
  5. Post content to your page 1.5-2x per day and mix it up between original and curated content, and use different post types (image posts, link posts and text posts) to keep your content fresh and exciting. It’s easy to find curated content using the Facebook lists and your Page’s Newsfeed from the previous step. Also use hashtags and tag other companies in your posts to increase your reach – Facebook recently updated their algorithm to show your updates to another pages fans, if you tag that page in your update (meaning, if you tag PR Daily in a post where you share a link to their content, it may reach people that follow their Facebook Page, and not yours!). Build engagement with calls-to-action, such as Comment with the PRSA session you’re most looking forward to this year, or like this post if you can’t make it (but wish you could).
  6. Run a Facebook contest with a specific goal in mind: you may want to fan-gate some exclusive PR content to get more likes (maybe an E-Book on 5 Tips for Getting Media Coverage in Major Newspapers), or do a sweepstakes for PRSA tickets to build your email list.
  7. Measure your successes (and learn from your failures) with Facebook Insights. For example, find the best time to post on Facebook and find important information about your reach, engaged users, new likes, and negative feedback so you can repeat things that are working, and learn from things that aren’t. That way, you can continually build your audience without losing their interest – keeping you top of mind when they need some help with PR.

What tips would you add?