Facebook Business Marketing | Content Marketing Tips

Want to take your Facebook business marketing to the next level? Check out this guide for some quick content marketing and audience targeting tips.

Did you know that 90-95% of Facebook users who Like your Page will never return to it?

That being the case, the best – and possibly only – way to get an impression from your Fans is to show up in their Newsfeed.  But how?

This fourth guide in our Facebook business marketing series will help you down the happy path of engagement by giving you easy pointers on how to hone in on the right content, and target the right people with it so you’re making a good impression on the folks that matter most.

If your Facebook business marketing could use a tune-up, be sure to check out our complete Facebook business essentials series.  These quick how-to guides will give you tips, tricks, and hands-on examples of how to maximize your Facebook presence in order to see the best results.  These books are great for small businesses and brick & mortar, as well as those of us running marketing programs for online business.

Download this content guide to marketing on Facebook by clicking that link or the book cover with the flag-wielding polar bear.