Are you struggling to find a UK based Marketing Twitter Chat?
Meltwater to the rescue!

Hosting a UK Marketing Twitter chat has the advantage of building a brand’s influence and increasing following, but participating also has its perks! Joining a Twitter chat allows us to engage and build relationships with our audience; it’s also a great way to create an image of authority and expertise. Whilst this all sounds great I have recently come across a problem for us Brits: many of the Marketing Twitter Chats are occurring at a time when we are deep in the Land of Nod. For this reason, I thought it would be useful to share my top UK Marketing Twitter Chats that are held at a sensible time for us to participate!

Monday- UK Marketing Twitter Chat #1- All things SEO

Hosted at 2 PM UK time every Monday, #SEOtalk discusses everything SEO related (if you hadn’t already guessed)! Join in the conversation using TweetChat or on Alternatively, hosts @malharbarai and @JaydipParikh encourage engagement on their Facebook page for those wanting to share anything over 140 characters!

Tuesday- UK Marketing Twitter Chat #2- Social networks

Bought to us by @socialmedia2day, #SMTlive is a great chat for social media savvies to talk over social network topics and watch world leading experts participate in conversations. From how to build online influence to tips on effectively engaging, this is the page to be every Tuesday at 4 PM UK time.

Wednesday- UK Marketing Twitter Chat #3- Branding

Come 4 PM UK time on Wednesdays, industry professionals assemble on @brandchat to discuss hot brand topics, from brand evolution to conversations surrounding KPI’s. @MariaDuron, @Mr_Mcfly and @GeraldMoczynski encourage the use of the designated hash tag #brandchat to comment on the chosen subject or listen to top tips.

Thursday- UK Marketing Twitter Chat #4- Digital PR

Every Thursday from 7 PM UK time #PRProChat ignites, becoming a great pool of information for PR heads. Host @morgancarrie and accompanying participators speak on an array of subjects centred on digital PR – combining traditional public relations tactics with content marketing, social media and search.

Friday- UK Marketing Twitter Chat #5 – Meltwater’s #marketingminds

Keep Fridays 3-4 PM UK time free as Meltwater will be hosting our very own Marketing Twitter Chat! Covering everything from social listening to the latest trends in Marketing, @meltwater will be full insightful discussions as of Friday 13th. Follow #marketingminds to join!

Let us know if you’ve come across a Twitter chat we haven’t mentioned that is occurring during UK office hours by commenting in the box below or Tweet us @meltwater!