Trade Me

Meltwater is a great platform. The app is particularly great for news addicts like me who want to know as soon as an article has landed. We love being able to see things like share of voice when we’re talking to teams around Trade Me.

Weir Minerals

Meltwater helps keep our finger on the pulse. From tracking competitor mentions to calculating campaign ROI and generating fresh content based on industry trends, Meltwater aids our communications strategy in multiple ways.

Weld Australia

The Meltwater platform provides a more streamlined and efficient way to monitor our brand and our industry. My favourite thing about the platform is the ease of use and having so much information in one place.

Agent 99

Meltwater makes life easy every day. We receive a daily email alert of media coverage for each client and this helps us with reporting (e.g. reach, share of voice etc.). These metrics show clients how PR impacts their business in a meaningful way.


Meltwater saves me time. Creating lists of suitable journos, drafting and sending media releases, seeing the open and read rates and then observing the hits — it’s all in one place.

Christian Super

The service from the whole Meltwater team has been fantastic – very proactive and helpful! It’s a fantastic tool and delivers on what we were promised.

MAB Corporation

What I really love about Meltwater, is that it offers more than just media monitoring. We value the ability to research opportunities that are beyond the scope of our keywords. The newsletter allows us to share articles to various divisions easily.

Scouts Victoria

I really enjoy that I can so easily see all our results when I login to Meltwater and quickly create a newsletter that was customisable to fit our branding, which was great! The team have always been super helpful with quick solutions!


The service and support from the Meltwater team are quite helpful and very quick for us to monitor any situation change. Meltwater is always here to help us./au/request-a-demo


The dashboard on the new Meltwater platform is amazing! We are able to easily compare media coverage and quickly generate reports on media relating to our brand.

Millward Brown

Meltwater is crucial to our day-to-day analysis offering, providing reliable and user-friendly access via their world-class portal to the news stories we need to analyse in depth for our clients.

Pet Insurance Australia

It’s incredible the ease in which you can now deliver your news to the right people, while also keeping track on the information that is most valuable to the relevance of your media.

National Electrical and Communication Association

The platform is easy to use, easy to manage in terms of distributions, easy to search and we really like the new campaign options. We wouldn’t even consider going back to an old-fashioned “clippings service”!

General Sir John Monash Foundation

The ability to send media releases to the most relevant and current journalists has ensured our events are well covered and in the news, promoting our profile both domestically and internationally.

Silver Chain Group

Silver Chain uses Meltwater primarily to track and measure online media coverage. We also have access to easy-to-understand dashboards to help us visually track and measure media coverage

Standards Australia

Standards Australia must be tuned in to industry news across all sectors on the national and international levels. We are able to act proactively rather than reactively.

Voyager Estate

Meltwater is such a powerful platform that I feel I’ve only just scratched the surface of what it can do. The proactive support team are brilliant, and help ensure I’m making the most of it.