Meltwater is one of DEC PR’s key technology and data partners, and we have collaborated closely to evolve the Agency’s media measurement, analysis and evaluation capabilities over the past two years.

Cannings Purple

We partner with Meltwater to give clients on a day-to-day basis the absolute latest in insights and information.


Meltwater’s local support and coverage has added great value in helping me better utilise the platform. Thanks Meltwater!

Polkadot Communications

We switched to Meltwater after 10 years with another provider. Instantly we were impressed with the opportunities the platform provided in reporting, analysing and interpreting coverage.

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

We’ve been using Meltwater since 2017 and it’s an integral tool for our media outreach, reporting and monitoring. Meltwater is also used within our Business Development team as a research tool for new business opportunities.

Can Assist

Prior to Meltwater, we found oversight of our media reach difficult to ascertain. Meltwater changed this and ensured all new processes and products were streamlined, fast and efficient.

Melbourne International Comedy Festival

In our landscape – as one of Australia’s largest festivals, with a very defined period of massive coverage, it was great to have at our fingertips a reliable and streamlined monitoring resource.

RMIT University

RMIT is a global university of technology and design, and our research and teaching has global impact. Meltwater allows us to track that impact across markets and languages and report it promptly to our leadership and staff.

Zurich Financial Services

We explored many media monitoring options, but eventually settled on Meltwater. The decision was based on a competitive price and the great functionality of their portal.

Royal Flying Doctor Service

We are kept more informed thanks to Meltwater and the service is far superior to others we have tried. We find their staff are responsive and willing to listen to any feedback we have.

Kaspersky Lab

Meltwater’s influencer tool has allowed us to build relationships from scratch with members of the media at a fast pace. We definitely look forward to continuing our journey with Meltwater.

South Pole Group

Before switching to Meltwater, South Pole Group found it difficult to truly understand their impact, reach and influence across online and social media.

Maggie Beer Products

Meltwater’s software provides the team with the tools necessary to easily monitor online and social coverage. Additionally, the Meltwater team has been extremely helpful.

The University of Newcastle

The University of Newcastle struggled to comprehensively track their digital global reach. Meltwater has enabled the team to innovate and refocus their efforts in strategic business areas.