Meltwater’s local support and coverage has added great value in helping me better utilise the platform. Thanks Meltwater!

Zurich Financial Services

We explored many media monitoring options, but eventually settled on Meltwater. The decision was based on a competitive price and the great functionality of their portal.

Kaspersky Lab

Meltwater’s influencer tool has allowed us to build relationships from scratch with members of the media at a fast pace. We definitely look forward to continuing our journey with Meltwater.

South Pole Group

Before switching to Meltwater, South Pole Group found it difficult to truly understand their impact, reach and influence across online and social media.

Weir Minerals

Meltwater helps keep our finger on the pulse. From tracking competitor mentions to calculating campaign ROI and generating fresh content based on industry trends, Meltwater aids our communications strategy in multiple ways.

Weld Australia

The Meltwater platform provides a more streamlined and efficient way to monitor our brand and our industry. My favourite thing about the platform is the ease of use and having so much information in one place.

MAB Corporation

What I really love about Meltwater, is that it offers more than just media monitoring. We value the ability to research opportunities that are beyond the scope of our keywords. The newsletter allows us to share articles to various divisions easily.

Millward Brown

Meltwater is crucial to our day-to-day analysis offering, providing reliable and user-friendly access via their world-class portal to the news stories we need to analyse in depth for our clients.