When a PR crisis rears its ugly head, time is never on your side. A swift and well-informed response across news media and social media channels is an essential piece of every crisis management strategy. On this blog we’ve already gone over 10 Steps to Managing a PR Crisis and detailed How Metrics Lead Crisis Communication by Channel. In this week’s Success Tip we’ll go over how to receive as-it-happens email alerts from Meltwater News. These real-time alerts send you an email as soon as a new article is pulled into your Meltwater account so that you can stay on top of, and efficiently respond to, news surrounding a crisis.


How to Enable As-it-happens Email Alerts

First, make sure that you’ve built a search agent with keywords that will pull information on the crisis (check out How to Search in Meltwater News or contact your account manager for details on creating a search). Email alerts in Meltwater News can be sent at a set time in the morning, in the afternoon, or throughout the day as new results arrive (as-it-happens). To change email alert settings, click on either “Users” or “Distribution” (depending on user permissions) in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.


You’ll see a list of your search agents on the following screen with “Morning,” “Afternoon” and “As-it-happens” columns. To turn on real-time email alerts, click the “As-it-happens” box next to the correct search and click “Save” at the bottom of the screen. You’ll start to receive an email for each new result that comes into your Meltwater News platform.

Important tip: Don’t forget to shut off the as-it-happens alerts when the crisis is over!

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