Were you caught in the deep freeze, or just tweeting about it? Chatter about the weather has topped CES chatter by 20X and more.

Unless you live in one of the rare U.S. states that’s been seeing some unseasonably high temperatures (yes, I was out hiking in a tank top over the holidays – please don’t hate me because I live in the San Francisco area, though; just check the rent prices on craigslist and you’ll feel better),  you’ve probably been experiencing a wee bit of inconvenience from the weather.

As insanely cold temperatures and other snow-driven nastiness hit the rest of the country, discussions of the weather flooded social media.  Those of you at home with frozen pipes and snow days at home posted laments and impressively frozen photos on Facebook and Twitter; those of us in warmer climates either commiserated or posted photos of ourselves hiking in glorious 60-something degree weather.

Either way, the sheer volume of chatter about the weather over the past couple weeks has been about as unusual as the weather.

In the meantime, the International Consumer Electronics Show 2014 kicked off in sunny, snow-free Las Vegas (CES, i.e. #CES2014), and this is normally what’s trending on social media sites at this time of the year.

And it is trending.  But it’s nowhere near as popular as weather chatter this year.

For kicks, I did some social listening to compare social media chatter about the weather to that of #CES2014.   Here’s what I found:



It’s important to note here that I did a very wide search, knowing that this would max out my account.  All social media monitoring tools have account result limits due to the data being expensive, and while my own account has a very high threshold, I’ve been maxing the account in the wee hours of the morning.  From a comparative standpoint, this data is good; from a volume standpoint, it’s actually higher.

For those of you wondering who’s trending at #CES2014, the answer is Samsung.  Here’s the word cloud:

So congratulations, Samsung: you’ve won the #CES2014 chatter.  But the Nationwide Notoriety Award has to go to Mother Nature this year, who managed to dominate social media channels for the past few weeks with some epic displays of might.

Stay warm, friends in other climates.  #FeelingForYouFromCalifornia