Streamline internal communications across all university departments with the Meltwater newsletter.

The newsletter is a custom-branded email template built by Meltwater’s support team that can be populated with articles and sent out regularly; many clients have found it to be an amazing tool for internal communications. The best way to understand its capabilities is through real life examples, in this case an amalgamation of how the newsletter tool is used by a few different university clients.

Just like any company or organization, universities have many departments and internal stakeholders with diverse information needs. University departments like communications, the office of the president, alumni relations/development and athletics need to communicate with students, alumni, faculty/staff, parents and donors on a regular basis. Meltwater works with universities all over the world to help them communicate more effectively using the Meltwater News newsletter.

All recipient lists are managed in the platform and can be uploaded using .CSV files. Once the lists are created, articles can be sent to your newsletter one-by-one manually or they can stream in automatically from a search agent or archive folder before sending.

To give you a 360-degree look at how a university, or any other organization for that matter, could use the newsletter, let’s take a look at a few use cases by department.


The Office of the President

Just like the executive team in a business, the office of the president at many universities works to remain transparent and accessible to the university community. Effectively communicating important announcements and recent press on the university and its faculty goes a long way to help this.

The office of the president often collaborates with university communications to use Meltwater News to send out regular newsletters to students, faculty/staff and parents. Using the article editor feature, you can include internal articles that didn’t come through a search agent in the platform. Many universities also add a “Letter from the President” at the top of each newsletter to give it a personal touch and to explain monthly announcements.


University Athletics

The communications director for university athletics can use the Meltwater newsletter to increase alumni support and student attendance at games. A monthly newsletter not only reports wins/losses, provides links to buy tickets and reports outstanding athletic performance, but it also highlights the academic achievements of student athletes.

Meltwater’s support team can build a custom newsletter for the athletics department, which includes team logos and space for a student athlete of the month. The personal touches on the newsletter, along with other efforts, can help increase alumni donations to athletics as well as overall game attendance.


Alumni Relations & Development

Alumni support is a main focus for most universities. To support annual giving campaigns and regular alumni outreach by student callers, the alumni relations office can send out quarterly updates via email using the Meltwater newsletter.

Alumni quarterly newsletters often include important news on the university, faculty research, current students, successful alumni and athletics. It also mentions any current donation campaigns with links and information on upcoming class reunions.


The Meltwater newsletter is a tool that proactively gets information to important stakeholders both internal and external. All of the newsletters used by different university departments are usually part of a single shared Meltwater News account (along with other modules like media monitoring and media outreach). This means that you’ll have one Client Success rep who works with all university departments and can act consultatively to maintain and optimize your account. Regardless of your audience or message, the Meltwater newsletter is a great way to ensure open lines of communications with your university community.

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