The best PR tips are easy to digest, useful and fun. When asking myself what 5 tips I could give that would lead to better PR, I easily came up with a list that, if followed, would improve results. Great: my list covered “useful”… but the list was not fun or easily digestible. A PR video seemed in order.

Rather than skipping “digestible” and “fun,” I recruited Leslie Nuccio to help me tell the magical story of a wee acorn (PR Campaign).  So if you’re interested in achieving better PR by watching one minute of entertaining marketing tips, have a look at our latest PR video:

5 Steps to Better PR


5 Steps to Better PR: The List

And, for those of you who love lists, here is the text version of this video’s 5 steps to better PR.

  • Step 1 to Better PR – Define Your Channel
    • Start your PR plan by understanding your audience/channel. Who are you trying to reach and how will you get to them?
  • Step 2 to Better PR – Prepare
    • Don’t simply start throwing ideas out to reporters, prepare and plan. Make sure the story you’re telling is newsworthy and interesting to your audience/channel.
  • Step 3 to Better PR – Tell Many Stories
    • One great story idea is great. A dozen great story ideas are even better. Never depend on one story, always have many being pitched at the same time.
  • Step 4 to Better PR – Follow Up
    • Once you send your story out there don’t just sit back and wait, it needs to be nurtured. Follow up with journalists and influencers.
  • Step 5 to Better PR – Don’t be Upset if One of Your Stories Dies
    • Not all story pitches will work and that is OK. Why? Because you didn’t rely on one story or pitch, you told many stories, So, if one withers and dies you still have others out there that will flourish.