Untangle the lines of internal communication with a newsfeed.

Any piece of content – from press releases to blog posts to e-books – only has value if it gets to your target audience. This is why PR success is measured in impressions, blog posts in traffic and conversions, and e-books in downloads. Across these different content types, I’ve found that the hardest audience to reach can often be the internal audience. What is the most effective way to make sure that employees are helping promote PR and blog content? How do you share market-specific competitive intelligence or lead gen for sales? Used along with email and other channels, the Meltwater News newsfeed is an effective internal communications tool that quickly gets important information into the hands of internal stakeholders.

Keep reading for real-world examples of how the Meltwater News newsfeed has been used to help increase the visibility of marketing/PR internally and to disseminate information across organizations.


Use Case 1: Meltwater

Meltwater’s marketing department represents a small number of the 900 or so employees that are spread out across the 27 countries in which we operate. In the last year since we’ve ramped up our content output, we faced the challenge of communicating the availability of marketing resources – including e-books, blog posts, user guides, white papers and more – to the larger organization. Our solution to this problem: a newsfeed on our intranet portal.

The newsfeed is set to automatically stream important press releases and posts from Meltwater’s PR Blog, Social Media Blog and Client Success Blog to our intranet. The goal of the newsfeed is twofold: first, to provide content to the organization so it can be shared on social channels and sent to clients; second, to provide an educational resource for the organization so they can stay on top of recent trends in the industry.


Use Case 2: A Global IT Solutions Company

A European IT solutions company hired its first Director of Internal Communications. He was tasked with providing lead gen support to the sales team as well as market-specific industry intelligence to all employees in each of the 42 countries in which the company operates. Already a Meltwater client, he worked with his Client Success Representative to outline a creative solution, using several newsfeeds to accomplish both of his goals.

This company’s implementation of the newsfeed had the following three parts:

  • Place an automatically updating, industry-focused newsfeed on each market’s intranet site. These feeds display information from search agents that have been tailored to only pull results from the specified market and in the specified language.
  • Send market specific lead gen data and competitive intelligence to the company-issued iPads of individual sales people
  • Display industry and competitive intelligence on computer screen savers and monitors throughout the organization


XML feeds plugged into existing collaboration software as well as the company’s CRM system, allowing data to be displayed across the diverse platforms used by the company. This newsfeed implementation served as the backbone of the director’s internal communications strategy and completely changed the way the company shared information internally.


Newsfeeds can display articles, blog posts, press releases and any other kind of content pulled from the Meltwater News platform or added in manually. As you can see from the examples above, the newsfeed’s flexibility – from how it’s populated to how it’s implemented – gives companies of all sizes and from all industries the opportunity to improve internal communications. If content is only valuable if it reaches your audience, then the newsfeed is a tool that can help increase the value of the content produced by marketers and PR professionals daily.

For more on external uses of the newsfeed, check out the recent blog post How to Make Your Website More Engaging with Curated Content.


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