The Meltwater Success Blog aims to help you get the most value out of your Meltwater tools.

At Meltwater, we’re committed to the continued success of our clients which is why we’re especially excited to announce the launch today of the new Meltwater Success Blog. Building on the discussions in the Meltwater Social Media Marketing Blog and the Meltwater Public Relations Blog, the Meltwater Success Blog will explore diverse topics with an applied perspective. Here you’ll find innovative, industry-specific and time-saving ways to use Meltwater’s products in the form of how-to guides, tips and tricks and best practices.

To prepare for the launch of our new blog, I sat down with Meltwater’s Executive Director of Client Success, Kaveh Rostampor. Originally from Sweden, Kaveh has helped Meltwater grow into a global organization—he opened offices in Sweden, Norway, the United States, Finland, Canada, Denmark and Argentina. Currently he oversees Client Success, Meltwater’s largest division and a team that I worked on for more than two years.

We talked about how his department helps marketing and PR professionals work more effectively and how to turn this blog into a new resource to do the same.  With help from Kaveh and my colleagues in Client Success, I look forward to sharing content here that will enable your continued success by helping you get the most value out of your Meltwater tools.

Client Success at Meltwater

When I moved into Client Success I remember asking, “How do you define client success?” The answer I got was very simple: success means Meltwater clients achieving and exceeding their business goals using our tools.

Kaveh Rostampor (KR): “At Meltwater we’re investing in the future success of our clients. We can only be successful if our clients are successful.”

Meltwater’s more than 20,000 clients represent numerous industries, job functions and geographies and I’ve spoken with hundreds of them. I learned about the diverse tactics they each employed to reach any number of business goals, such as PR activations in new markets to support a product launch or targeted social media promotions to grow specific segments of a customer base. With diverse goals come diverse challenges and solutions. The Meltwater Success Blog aims to help you overcome those challenges, complementing the good work of our dedicated consultants and software tools.

KR: “We try to come in close with our clients, to listen, to learn and to provide consistently better consulting and expertise. The customer blog is a new channel that will help us do this even better.”

Why a Success Blog?

The Meltwater Success Blog represents an opportunity to share best practices, creative solutions and other knowledge. It will serve as a knowledge base, providing proven and effective tactics and advice.

KR: “We have hundreds of thousands of users, which means that we have hundreds of thousands of user stories and best practices across geographies. With the Meltwater Success Blog we want to share these insights with our clients.”

The content here will include a wide range of ideas on how to better use our products to make your PR and social media marketing campaigns more successful. Also look for posts on local client events, meet-ups and trade shows tailored to markets around the world and posted in the twelve language versions of this blog.

KR: “The Meltwater Success Blog is a self-serve resource for clients. It’s an extension of the consultative service that we provide one-on-one.”

Thanks & Subscribe

We’re excited to provide this new resource for you and look forward to helping you achieve better business results consistently. Subscribe above to the Meltwater Success Blog and visit often for diverse content on topics in social media marketing and public relations that will help you get the most value out of your Meltwater tools and, we hope, make you feel like a hero.

KR: “Meltwater strives to provide a service for clients, not just a piece of software! I hope that our clients continue to let their representatives create value for them, that they use this blog as a resource and that, more than anything, they use our tools to produce incredible business results!”

The Meltwater Success blog is for you so please share your feedback, questions, comments and content ideas! Reach me at for inquiries regarding the success blog.

For any inquiries about Client Success, email Kaveh Rostampor, Executive Director of Client Success, at