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6 Things Your Business is Doing Wrong on Social Media

We’re past the point where we have to explain why it’s important to be on social media, but brands are still struggling with the how. This blog post discusses 6 of the most common mistakes brands make on social media and offers tips for improvement.

Social Media and the Forgotten Business Opportunity

You wouldn’t introduce yourself to someone by asking them to do something for you right off the bat, so why do people do this on social media? This blog post provides an argument for using social media to build real relationships first, and allowing the business opportunity to follow.

Infographic: Why Use Visual Content in Social Media?

Did you know that videos are shared 12x more than links and text posts combined? This blog post features an infographic with some really compelling stats to include more visual content in your social media updates.

How to Build a LinkedIn Marketing Plan that Delivers Ongoing Results

If you’re struggling with your LinkedIn marketing presence or need some tips to take it to the next level, this blog post is a must-read. It’s full of actionable tips to build a killer company page, extend your reach with ads, measure the results, and more.

20 Reasons Why You May Be Losing Followers on Twitter

When more followers means a bigger reach and a better marketing impact, it’s hard not to focus on the numbers. Not only are you trying to gain new followers, you need to retain those you already have. Check out this article for some tips on what not to do on Twitter if you want to keep growing your number of followers.

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Questionable Stock Photos: Hot Air

Our hilarious social media writer, Leslie Nuccio, is at it again with her series on questionable stock photos. Read about some potential use cases for “hot air,” and feel free to submit any questionable stock photos you come across by tweeting them to @Meltwater with the hashtag #stockpic.

FAQ: What’s the Best Time to Post on Facebook?

This is a shameless plug of an article I wrote on the Meltwater Social Media Blog last Friday, which was republished on Social Media Today on Sunday morning. Check it out for a step-by-step guide to finding your brand’s best time to post on your Facebook Business Page.

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