Marketers are creative people, and for the most part we have a sense of humor about what we do everyday. While it may seem that Those Marketing People have the most free-spirited jobs in corporate America, we do often feel constrained. Like everyone else, we want – or NEED – to blow off steam once in a while. Thankfully, just like Santa on Christmas, Corporate America delivers a special gift to marketers each year: April Fools’ Day!

Awesome!  Thank you, Santa Corporate America, it’s just what we wanted!

For the non-marketers scratching their heads in confusion and – if you’re someone who thinks that marketers get to have all the fun – let me explain: marketing is creative in nature, and that is why most of us love what we do. Unfortunately, the poor marketer is often restrained by such hindrances as brand guidelines, schedules, budgets, ROI and taking ourselves too seriously.* What a pain!*

On one day a year marketers get to break free of corporate chains and have a little fun. Break all the rules. Go CRAZY. That Day is April Fools’ Day!

It’s my favorite day of the year – really!  Each April 1st I find myself glued to my computer searching Buzzfeed, AdWeek and TechCrunch for the year’s best corporate pranks.  So, after witnessing a particularly good day of online pranks yesterday I feel compelled to share a few of my favorites.

And, wow, there have been some amazing examples of April Fools’ marketing creativity!

My Top 10 All Time April Fools’ Day Prank Favorites:

(in no particular order)

  • Coldplay Launched Cologne – Angst




– with Keanu Reeves

Funny or die – Bieber takes over FOD

Virgin America and Google – Virgle


A Bit More on my History with April Fools’

Before Meltwater I worked with CafePress, an online retailer of custom merchandise, and we pulled off a few April Fools’ Day pranks! Yesterday my former colleague Sarah Segal issued a great release announcing their launch of CafePredict, a partnership with the NSA that magically delivers the things you want before you even order.

What follows is a 2008 April Fools Day email we sent to our customers announcing the launch of CafePress LoveMatch, a dating service that pairs people based on the t-shirts they have purchased. We fooled a few folks…


*hopefully when you read this sentence you picked up on a great deal of sarcasm…