The world has gone crazy for personalised goods, from trainers to bottles of coke. If it’s tailored and unique, our audience is lapping it up! Our social media strategy should be no anomaly to this trend. A targeted social media strategy ensures added relevance to our audience, thus encouraging them to stay around for longer.

#1 Choosing the best platform for our social media strategy

In a previous post, we explained how our chosen social media channel has great influence over the whole social media strategy, so choose wisely. Consider following the audience to their hot hangouts, after all, if they’re not present on a channel, then how can we engage with them? We must ensure the channel chosen to execute our social media strategy is in alignment with what’s best for both our brand and our audience. Meltwater’s Media Intelligence Platform can point us in the right direction by showing us conversation by channel so that we can focus our social media strategy on the best medium for ROI.

#2 Personalise content to feed into our social media strategy

If our audience are super healthy gym freaks, don’t go and post a picture of fudge cake (unless it’s an imposter and made from innocent ingredients). It’s common sense, right? Only, knowing exactly what our audience wants to see can be difficult to know. With the help of a social media monitoring tool we can analyse outbound communications; for example, by post click-throughs, brand impressions and industry conversation clouds. Once we know the most engaged content, we can replicate similar topics in our social media strategy. Ben Whitley, Senior Client Success Manager explains; “Most businesses have limited resources so it’s important to spend time and effort wisely. By targeting your social media strategy, you ensure the best return from the time you invest.”

It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on changes in key topics our audience has taken an interest in. This can provide us with insight into future audience trends so that we can be the industry shakers that we intend to be and proactively adapt our social media strategy accordingly.

#3 Knowing the best time to post

Timing is everything. We may have the most interesting content in town, but if the rest of the neighbourhood is asleep they’re going to miss it. Find out the best time to post on Facebook on with Meltwater’s Likealyzer search which also provides feedback on areas we can improve on. Alternatively, if Twitter is the chosen channel to roll out the social media strategy, then have a butchers hook (look, for those who are unfamiliar with cockney rhyming slang) at this infographic!

If you have any tips on ways in which we can target our social media strategy, drop a comment in the box below, we would love to hear from you!