What do our five most popular PR blog posts from 2016 tell us about the current state of the PR? Even just a quick glance shows that social media is at the top of everyone’s minds—and to-do lists. But before you declare that it’s an entirely new PR game out there, check out our third most popular article. Everything you learned back in the day is still very much applicable.

#1: How to Keep Up

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PR pros know that as busy as they are, they’ve got to stay on top of the latest trends—and inspired by the work that others are doing. It’s not all that surprising that one of our most read PR blog posts of the year was an article about, what else, PR blogs. Here you’ll get a list of the blogs you should be reading and why we think they’re worth your time.

#2: A Day in the Life of a Social Media Manager


While social media has become ubiquitous in PR and marketing, I’ve been wondering lately, is it a basic skill we all need to have to do our jobs well, or is it a specialised role? Social media marketing isn’t the same as staying in touch with your friends from school, even though we do both on the same platforms. However, many businesses—even marketing organisations—still treat it like there’s not much to it. In this infographic, we share the full scope of what it means to drive social business and make sure we all understand everything that goes into it.

#3 Despite What You May Have Heard, the Press Release Is NOT Dead


As hot a topic as social media is (more on that soon), how to write a great press release and reach the right journalists is still at the core of PR. Here Forbes columnist Robert Wynne conducts a quick survey, asking top technology journalists (from Mashable, Tech Crunch, LA Times, and more) what kinds of messages reach they respond to. Getting advice on how to reach journalists straight from the horse’s mouth continues to pull in readers looking to build positive, meaningful media relationships.

#4 Employees as Brand Ambassadors


Now back to social. Erika Heald, Chief Content Office at Spin Sucks, which publishes one of our favorite blogs, wrote an article for us explaining how employees can be some of your best advocates. The gist of it is that you want to allow them to take on only what feels like a natural fit and ask them to share the content that most resonates with them. But of course, it’s a little more complicated than that. Read it for great pointers—and pitfalls you’ll need to avoid—for having your PR successes amplified by your most natural allies.

#5 Hashtag Holidays

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It seems like every day there’s a social media holiday to celebrate. Actually, scratch that. Every day there are many social holidays you could be celebrating—and mapping to your brand message. Our fifth most popular article breaks down how to chose your holidays and join the fun. Of course, once you learn how to structure and curate this content, you’ll want to subscribe to our weekly Social Sidekick listings and make sure your calendar is always up to date.

Bonus: Our Top Blog Post Ever


Everyone was talking about data-driven PR and marketing in 2015, but as we enter 2017, most of us are still trying to figure out how to harness the tools necessary to accurately measure our successes and present metrics to our business execs in a meaningful way. That’s why we recently republished this article. It’s got everything you need to set you on the right track.