Social Listening for the Big Three

Social listening for the chatter around the 2013 NBA playoffs was done with social listening software Meltwater Buzz.

Having a social listening tool is good times ’round these parts.  Some in-house basketball fans decided to do some social monitoring around the NBA finals buzz, tracking the social chatter around the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs.  Game 1 of the Finals starts tomorrow night, and we’ve put together your retroactive ticket to the inside scoop with social data from Meltwater Buzz.  Some highlights that came through our social listening are below.

1.  Women were 33% of the total buzz.

2. The the three top players from Miami (“The Big Three”) were talked about 2X more than their Texas counterparts, and the Spurs were out-chattered by 6X.

3.  Florida is chattier than Texas.  Talk amongst yourselves.

4.  If you don’t know what “flopping” is (not being part of the aforementioned 33% of chatter, this blogger didn’t), you do now: “flopping” can best be described as theatrically falling down to draw a foul, and it became a big issue in the playoffs due to its frequency.  Lebron James made a controversial statement that flopping is a natural part of the game, so this blogger will guess that the finals will be peppered by overly tall men flailing about dramatically on the floor.

4.  Miami’s Chris Bosh drew the most social criticism due to being an all-star by title and not by playoff performance.  Will he redeem himself in the finals?  We shall see… or, we shall hear when we do a little social listening again.

Social listening was done with our flagship social media marketing software, Meltwater Buzz.