With over 700 million daily users, Facebook is perhaps the largest and most well-known social media platform available. The retargeting opportunities are endless if you just know how to take advantage of them.

Here are 10 things you need to know right now about Facebook retargeting.

  1. You can define your success

Facebook retargeting allows for all types of success stories. You might want to increase your awareness among a certain demographic, or you might want to drive traffic to your website.

You should always have some sort of goal before you start any retargeting efforts. Whether you want to promote an upcoming webinar or event or you just want visitors to buy your products determine what success will look like to you.

Let’s say you own a furniture store. You have a physical store, but most of your products can be viewed online. You might want visitors to view more of your products or sign up for newsletters.

  1. You can determine the landing page

Sending visitors to the homepage of your website is not always the most effective place. Your website might be quite extensive, and visitors might forget what they even came to look at. Some visitors might just give up and leave, while others might think you are lazy or have poor customer service.

In general, your landing pages should:

  • Mention the product or service the ad was about
  • State a precise call-to-action
  • Make it easy to convert visitors.
  1. You can change your frequency

The worst thing you could do with retargeting is stalking your customers. It is okay to go after a potential sale, but if your ad is on Facebook every time your customer logs on, they might get annoyed and unlike your page altogether.

Facebook retargeting lets you play around with the frequency so you can gently remind your customers of your great products and services. You can target people every other day, every few days or even every week. You might be surprised how many people are still thinking about your ads even if they have not visited your site in the week.

You can also play around with the frequency for certain demographics. Students, for example, might be online a little more than their parents. Therefore, you might try retargeting them every other day or so. Play around with the frequency as you run campaigns and see what works best for your audience.

  1. You can sync your product feed with your retargeting campaign

A visitor comes to your page and looks at a product. Then they click to Facebook and leave your page entirely. Along the side of their Facebook page, they see an ad for the same product they were looking at on your site not moments ago.

With Facebook, you can connect your product feed and retargeting campaign, giving you a second shot at wooing customers. Maybe all they need is to be reminded of how great they thought your product was.

  1. You can be blunt

Retargeting ads are short. There is not a lot of room for a long introduction, a full body and a snappy conclusion. In some cases, you might be lucky to squeeze in 10 words.

Facebook retargeting lets you cut to the point. State your call-to-action along with a relevant image and that is it. No need for extra content. Say what you want and move on.

  1. You can try out different ad sizes

Facebook allows for several different ad sizes at varying costs. In general, larger ads tend to do better, but this is not always true.

Create several ads with different sizes and see which one will work best for your audience.

  1. You can stretch your money

Comparatively, Facebook retargeting is relatively inexpensive, especially for what it offers. After all, your audience is basically all in one place, and since they liked your business page, you can rest assured that they are genuinely interested in your product.

Though it will vary between campaigns, Facebook is usually a bit cheaper than Adwords. You get access to the same great keywords for a much smaller price tag. You can run an extra campaign with the money you save.

You also have the advantage of putting a face with the click. While you will not be able to Facebook stalk your customers, you will at least be able to get a feel for their personalities through their profile photos and their comments or likes.

  1. You can try out your own keywords

The keyword game is one that every good marketer plays all the time. As some keywords become more popular than others, you should be up to date on the latest and the greatest, using them to get your ads into the browsers of the right consumers.

Facebook retargeting allows you to try out different key words to see which ones are working the best. Even better, you can see which keywords work better with certain demographics.

In our furniture store example, you might be looking to target young adults and college students so you might use words such as “futon” or “cheap.” For adults in their forties and fifties, you might be a little bit more specific, such as “oak tables” or “king-size bed.”

  1. You can customise your audience

What really makes Facebook retargeting worth the time and effort is its custom audience tool. With this tool, you can divide your Facebook audience based on their actions and demographics. Your furniture store might have one list made up of parents and another for small business owners. You could even create a custom audience list of people who previously viewed your website.

Now you can better target the multiple segments of your audience. Your ads can be more specific depending on the message you want to send. You might create certain ads for visitors of certain pages, and your CTAs can go after a certain demographic. Rather than inviting visitors back to your website, invite them back to a certain page. Show them more information about a certain product or service.

  1. You can keep building on your successes

If one of your campaigns doesn’t do so well, that’s okay. If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. Facebook retargeting offers plenty of feedback so you can customise your different campaigns to seek what works and what doesn’t. They are reasonably priced so you can afford to run a few test campaigns.

If you aren’t already using Facebook retargeting, hopefully now you can see why it might be worth your time. Your audience is waiting for you in one place. Go after them and see how they respond.