Crisis communications has entered a whole new complex arena in today’s world of influencers and big data. Someone who has come to understand these complexities quite well is John Bailey, Managing Director for Ketchum Singapore.

John was deployed to Thailand for three months after the Indian Ocean Tsunami and more recently was part of the Ketchum team advising the senior management of Malaysia Airlines on their response to the disappearance of flight MH370, a crisis unprecedented in aviation history.

In this webinar, John will discuss:

  • The impact crises have on companies, brands and individuals
  • The influence of Social Media
  • What do people expect of companies (and leaders) in a crisis
  • What does success in crisis look like
  • “Best Practice” in crisis communications

This will all be illustrated by multiple examples from the recent past, from a range of different industries, and will contain practical advice for helping any organisation be prepared to respond quickly and effectively to any crisis situation.

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