Transforming infrastructure in the Philippines

First Philippine Holdings

First Philippine Holdings (FPH) is one of the country’s largest conglomerates, with key investments in power, manufacturing and property development companies. Thanks to their wide-ranging subsidiaries and strategic ventures, FPH has interests across the renewable energy, infrastructure and real estate sectors.

The Challenge

First Philippine Holdings switched to Meltwater a few years ago, after finding it tedious to track their diverse news interests with their previous monitoring provider. The efficiency gains and amount of time saved has meant that their Corporate Communications team have been able to focus their attention on other activities such as project management and co-ordination with internal and external parties.

Speaking to Beverly Navarra, FPH’s Corporate Communications Supervisor, we found out more about how Meltwater has been helping the team. “Often, we are asked by stakeholders and the Senior Management team to retrieve news articles about past achievements and announcements. As we are able to search retrospectively using Meltwater, it’s so straightforward to grab these quickly and share it internally," Navarra said.

Above everything else, using Meltwater has really saved us a lot of time.

Beverly Navarra
Beverly Navarra Corporate Communications Supervisor of First Philippine Holdings

The Solution

Whilst FPH’s interests remain largely with the domestic market, their strong market position means that they need to understand how relevant topics to FPH are discussed in a global context. “Our team found it difficult to capture the full global picture with our previous provider as we noticed an overwhelming amount of missed content, especially from crucial overseas markets," said Meg Racho, Corporate Communications Assistant Manager.

Using Meltwater, FPH has access to over 250,000 online news publications globally, with an ability to monitor in over 51 languages. “We love that Meltwater can bring back content from all over the world. It’s important that we get a comprehensive understanding of our media coverage,” said Racho.

Using Meltwater’s online platform and reading the email reports have become part of the team’s daily routine, however now and again there are incredibly busy periods that are difficult to anticipate. Racho continued, “As a Communications Manager, there are always things that appear on my plate last minute. Whenever we find ourselves short on time, the Account Management team at Meltwater is great – accommodating and quick to respond.”

We love that Meltwater can bring back content from all over the world. It’s important that we get a comprehensive understanding of our media coverage.

Meg Racho
Meg Racho Corporate Communications Assistant Manager of First Philippine Holdings

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