With The Rise In Usage Of Mobile Devices, Does This Affect PR? [VIDEO]

With The Rise In Usage Of Mobile Devices, Does This Affect PR? [VIDEO]

Jessica Chan
2 April 2018

The advent of the smartphone and smartphone technology has fundamentally shifted the way we communicate and share information – both personally and professionally. Not only can we talk to and text those in our immediate circles; we can access all sorts of information, news and people via the touch of a button, and more recently, by voice activation – offering a world of possibilities for public relations and professional communicators.

The small screen – which most of us have constantly within reach – provides PR professionals with the ability to engage with the news and media around the clock. This means we no longer have to wait for the afternoon news bulletin or morning paper. Instead, we see and read news as it breaks, engaging in real time and hopefully responding just as fast.

While the proliferation of smartphone use has provided numerous opportunities, for many PR professionals it also means a higher level of vulnerability, increasing the chance of making errors, misinterpreting news or updating stakeholders with the wrong information at the wrong time – purely because of the sheer volume of information you need to digest quickly. To solve this, the modern PR professional needs to be more agile and responsive to relevant media and use other online tools to provide trust and accuracy when it’s needed most.

Be responsive

Today, PR professionals must constantly update their stakeholders throughout the day – keeping track of topics that are trending or gaining momentum and engaging with industry-specific news as it breaks.

As members of a fast-moving communications and business industry where tweets are buried in a matter of seconds, it’s important to not only engage with relevant media but to respond in a timely and efficient way; minimizing (or maximizing) the impact on our clients.

To be able to respond quickly, it’s important you maintain good relationships with journalists or media influencers who can share or promote your content. To do so, you need good, up-to-the-minute information on who to follow and who is interested in your sector. In addition, keep up-to-date media lists and databases on your smartphone for ease and quick access.

Use media monitoring services

It’s impossible to stay up to date with the news without the guided assistance of monitoring services. In our globalized society, news breaks 24/7 making it difficult to monitor and clip each and every relevant article. Media monitoring services are extremely beneficial to the modern PR professional because they can be tailored to fit your exact requirements, and you can even access them on your smartphone.

Use social media

Social media platforms are great ways to connect with your stakeholders. Messenger apps like Whatsapp are simple tools which you can use to update the important members of your business or community. You can also separate these conversations for specific people and news topics – keeping it streamlined and simple for everyone.

As a PR professional, your smartphone is one of your most valuable tools. However, it’s important to remember that fast-moving news sometimes results in quick and unplanned reactions – causing unwanted and potentially damaging mistakes. To avoid this, use complementary tools like monitoring and social apps. You’ll not only save time, but be more efficient and get greater results for your clients.

About the author:

As the Asia-Pacific Regional Director of Media Solutions at Meltwater, Mimrah Mahmood help organisations across the Asia-Pacific break down media data (social, print and other media) and make business decisions from insights; create a framework to progressively and scientifically track efforts in PR and marketing; build a road-map to improve your communication plan; and identify opportunities and threats that arise from competitors. As a leader within a multi-award winning company, Mimrah is proud to be advocating better measurement practices in PR, Brand and Strategic Communications for many of the largest MNCs in Asia-Pacific.

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