The real value of agile content

The real value of agile content

Jessica Chan
2 January 2019

Today, some of the world’s leading organisations and PR firms operate like news desks – creating and distributing written, visual and video content in real-time to engage audiences and demonstrate their authority.

By monitoring trends, news stories and online conversations – and by staying up to date with consumer interests – these organisations can create content that is relevant, timely and shareable.

In PR, this is called agile content marketing, or agile communications, and it is one of the greatest ways to engage key audiences and achieve quality share of voice on and offline.

The benefits

There are several benefits to agile content marketing – the key being the ability to create a lot more quality content in a lot less time.

Thanks to proactive processes and SCRUM-like frameworks, agile content marketers and communicators are able to work in teams to identify key trends before they take off in mainstream media – which means they can produce and distribute content before anyone else does. By doing so, these brands can establish authority and credibility on a variety of different topics – especially on social media where their content becomes infinitely shareable.

Agile content marketing also enables you to make changes to stories as world news and events change – keeping you one step ahead of the media. Consistent and relevant content also makes it much easier to dominate social channels and search engine results, which can drive consumers to your website, blog or social page.

Agile content vs Newsjacking

While similar in nature, agile content marketing and newsjacking are two distinct content creation styles. Newsjacking attaches your brand, product or business to a trending issue or popular news story in order to attract attention. In other words, it places your story within the news cycle after it’s already been initiated.

Agile content marketing however, places your content at the fore of the news cycle. This way, your content becomes the source of the news, and can be recycled by other brands and media outlets.

Becoming an agile communicator within an agile organisation

If you’re looking to implement an agile content marketing strategy within your own firm or enterprise, follow these three simple steps. With the right processes, research methods and team, you’ll be able to share timely, relevant content with your consumers in real-time – building awareness, integrity, credibility and authority.

1. Establish proactive processes

Before you employ a full-time agile content marketing team, you’ll need to establish proactive processes within your organisation. To do this, you should meet with your management team to agree on some simple content guidelines to reduce red-tape – especially in regards to editing, revision and approval. With proactive processes, you can have your content researched, created and shared much faster – often within hours instead of days.

2. Choose a research method: paid vs. free

To be an agile communicator, you’ll need to be the source of the news, and use different research methods to stay ahead of current affairs and consumer trends. To monitor online conversations and media topics use software like Meltwater or Google Trends. With premium services from software like Meltwater, you’ll have access to all the data you need in real-time – making it much easier to stay ahead of competitors and other media outlets.

3. Follow a SCRUM-like framework

SCRUM frameworks are used by software companies to develop new solutions and ideas quickly through teamwork. Today, the same structure can be used in marketing and public relations firms to create content rapidly. To follow a SCRUM-like framework, break your workload into individual actions and complete them within strict timeframes. You can then put all of the pieces together to create your desired result.


About the author:

Mimrah Mahmood is the Asia-Pacific Regional Director of Media Solutions at Meltwater, where he helps numerous organisations break down media data (social, print and other), to create meaningful insights; build progressive and scientific frameworks to track efforts in PR and marketing; build road-maps to improve communications plans; and identify opportunities and threats that arise from competitors. As a leader within a multi-award winning company, Mimrah is a proud advocate of better measurement practices in PR, Brand and Strategic Communications. You can connect with Mimrah on LinkedIn

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