Sponsored Content: Understand it to Master it

Sponsored Content: Understand it to Master it

24 October 2016

“Yeah, nice” you sigh as you read our previous blog showcasing examples of companies doing sponsored content well. But if you’re now thinking, “How am I personally going to boss sponsored content?” the answer can be found in this post.

Integration, integration, integration

Sponsored content should be integrated into our overall content marketing strategy. We can ensure this by aligning goals and monitoring consistency of messages sent via paid, owned and earned media. Media monitoring tools act as our right hand man when it comes to showing our key message themes. Integration and consistency will help reinforce the sponsored content message and build brand trust whilst doing so.

Be flexible

It is important to be flexible and scalable when it comes to sponsored content. We’re only human and sometimes when we aim for the moon we don’t leave the earth. If our sponsored content doesn’t take off, we can boost success with the help of owned/ paid media. When sponsored content aims for the moon and lands in another galaxy, be sure to cash in on success by scaling the sponsored content up to become an advertising campaign.

Choose the right publication

The brands discussed in our previous blog thought long and hard about the medium that would distribute their sponsored content. By now, we should have our target market well defined and described. The next step is finding the most effective medium to reach them. But how can we decide on the most appropriate platform to use? That’s easy with help from a media intelligence tool, such as Meltwater. By using a tool we can find the most used social platform or widely read publication amongst our target market, from there we have a nice list of hosts for our sponsored content to keep in mind!

Follow the story

Gaining exposure in our preferred publication shouldn’t mark the end of our sponsored content efforts. Now it’s time to follow the story. How was it received? How many people has it reached? Who was it read by? At this stage, a media intelligence tool is not only useful, but actually indispensable.

Measuring sponsored content results isn’t always easy, as goals such as brand awareness can be difficult to trace back to sponsored content. Having said that, a media intelligence tool can help us measure brand differences before and after publishing. For example, have we seen an increase in Facebook likes? Has our share of voice grown compared to our competition? Are we seen in a more positive light? Is our brand now associated with new themes?

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