In Southeast Asia’s Sharing Economy, The Race Is Still Wide Open

In Southeast Asia’s Sharing Economy, The Race Is Still Wide Open

Jessica Chan
28 February 2018

A new study from Meltwater shows that driver behaviour is a huge point of concern for users, representing 73% of social buzz

Meltwater has released ‘The Sharing Economy: Exploring the Future of Transport in Southeast Asia’, a report examining consumer preferences and issues in Southeast Asia’s ridesharing market by analysing the social media conversations surrounding ridesharing operators.

The report found that in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, Uber took the lead in share of voice (SOV), representing some 51% of conversations on social media while Grab and Go-Jek account for 27.5% and 21% of mentions, respectively.

Driver behaviour was one of the most hotly discussed topics on social media, with 73% of social chatter revolving around drivers. A majority of these posts were negative, with words like ‘rude’, ‘dangerous’ and ‘unsafe’ most commonly used to describe driver behaviour across the region.

Conversations on social media also indicate that in Southeast Asia, price rather than convenience is a key motivator for choosing one app over the other. In Singapore, 39% of Grab users and 13.5% of Uber riders expressed their views around pricing on social media. Lower cost options were also more heavily discussed, with 44% of social media users discussing UberPool, the company’s cheapest service. Similarly, 67% of Grab users discussed GrabCar, Grab’s private-hire car service, while 17% discussed GrabHitch, its lower cost carpooling option. Comparatively, higher-end options from either app were barely discussed. However, despite being a price-sensitive lot, promos and deep discounts don’t appear to be driving long-term loyalty accounting for less than 7% of conversations.

Mimrah Mahmood, Regional Director, Media Solutions, Meltwater Asia Pacific said:

“With customers living a significant portion of their lives on social media, it’s important for ridesharing companies to meet and connect with customers on these platforms. Feedback and data from these platforms can also inform operational changes. For example, comments around driver behaviours can be used to shape better driver support and training programmes. Ultimately, social media can be used for competitive intelligence as well as audience insights.”

Other key findings in Asia:

  • Grab is doing a considerably better job of engaging and interacting with people on social media, especially in Indonesia, with an engagement rate of 1.2% versus Uber’s 0.87% and Go-Jek’s 0.9% across the year.
  • Effective advertising works, with 86% of users responding positively to Uber’s ‘Let’s Unlock Cities’ campaign. The campaign aimed to combat negative perceptions around the impact of the sharing-economy on communities.

Download the report here

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