PR and Advertising Agencies Use Twitter to Connect with Audiences

PR and Advertising Agencies Use Twitter to Connect with Audiences

Whether you're running a one-person PR shop or part of an in-house PR team, using social media to connect with audiences or your larger community is essential. So, do B2B comms folks have a different strategy for Twitter engagement than B2C pros? Here we look at five PR and advertising agencies who are winning at the B2B Twitter game.
Ivan Kreimer
20 March 2019

PR and advertising agencies understand how to position a message, how to broadcast it, and how to measure its impact. On Twitter, however, the rules of communication have changed. People can now use Twitter to connect, directly interacting with companies and their agencies, something that has disrupted corporate communications.

Modern consumers want to align their consumer dollars with values that they hold dear. In this regard, Twitter allows direct communication,  no matter if your brand is B2C or B2B.

We’ve analyzed the Twitter accounts of well-regarded PR and advertising agencies to see how they use Twitter to connect.

Making the Workplace More Human

Young professionals are increasingly attracted to working with mission-driven businesses. Thus, agencies need to compete on salary, perks, culture, and how they develop talent.

Twitter allows agencies to highlight their colleagues and their interests. By putting faces behind the brand, they’re humanizing their interactions with their community and wider audience.

Edelman, the world-renowned PR agency uses Twitter to highlight their employees, so the public can get to know the account managers and publicists behind their award-winning campaigns.

TBWA London shares the insights of their Chief Strategy Officer about the importance of supporting dads on their parenting role. This may not seem like the kind of topic a large PR agency would talk about, but that’s why it works: it focuses on the values on which the people inside the company stand.

FleishmanHillard, a Missouri-based PR agency, highlights employees volunteering for GLIDE, an organization that works to “break the cycles of poverty and marginalization.” Like TBWA London, their social stream isn’t always related to their work as an agency but showcases their company culture as a place where people with strong beliefs work.

Sharing Their Expertise

Since these agencies are world-renowned for their advertising, marketing, and publicity work, it’s no surprise that they take any opportunity to broadcast their expertise. We see them sharing the latest articles they publish on their blogs, their earned media mentions, the awards they win, and the conferences in which they participate.

In this example, Ketchum shows a photo of the time when they won the prestigious PRWeek Campaign of the Year Award.

Publicis shared the following tweet when they won a new account with the Campbell Soup Company:

Wunderman shows how their executives participate in important events, like the Paypal’s Global Marketing Summit.

Being Transparent and Personal

Consumer trends tell us that people don’t want to be sold to anymore; they want to buy from a company that they feel aligned with. To show consumers that your brand values share their consumer values, introduce transparency in your communications. Don’t show only the good parts—the wins, the successes—but include mentions of the failures and problems as well. Being transparent makes a brand seem more human, and therefore, relatable.

J. Walter Thompson, the New York-based marketing agency, decided to close an executive role for internal reasons. Instead of letting that slide below the carpet, they decided to show their process and how that related to their company culture.

Havas London has adopted a casual tone on Twitter and tweets more like an individual, and quite not like an agency. Their casual caring tone resonates with their community. The following tweet epitomizes their strategy, focusing on the human side of their business and underscoring their brand values.

McCann follows the example set by Havas London and tweets in a personal voice. They don’t shy away from humor, making their Twitter account stand out among accounts from other agencies of their caliber.


Reviewing these large PR and advertising agencies we see that though the work they do is B2B, agencies use social media to attract new talent, highlight colleagues, share their work and be transparent about what goes into it, express thought leadership, and broadcast brand values.

Corporate speak never engages on social channels that’s why these agencies use the first person voice while tweeting. In the end, these agencies want the public, their community, and their potential clients to connect with the individuals behind the agency. And, in so doing they reveal brand values asking their audiences to engage with a truly human organization.

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