Infographic: Met Gala Social Media Mentions Beyond the Art of the In-Between

Infographic: Met Gala Social Media Mentions Beyond the Art of the In-Between

Meg Hari Prasad
1 May 2017

Last year the Met Gala was all about fast fashion earning a place on the red carpet alongside haute couture. Since we started tracking the Met Gala social media mentions last year, we noticed the event gets consistent year-long coverage. Whether that was because of the brief Hiddleswift romance or the Ocean’s 8, Anna Wintour cameo, media, and that includes mainstream media, didn’t let a week go by without rehashing the gala. If we didn’t pay attention to the Met, we’d believe the event took place several times throughout the year instead of only on the first Monday in May.

Rei Kawakubo

This year the theme is Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garcons: Art of the In-Between. Dedicating much of her designs to a black and white palette since 1969, Kawakubo began showing red in her AW88 season, in response to this turn of events, the designer remarked, “Red is black.” Predicting that a bevy of beauties would show up wearing red, the Met Gala traded the traditional red carpet for one of blue. Thus, guaranteeing a better platform for the designers and brands who paid a premium to take part in the festivities. While social media wasn’t a fan of those dresses/outfits that most closely paid homage (in style or wearing her designs) to Kawakubo/CDG, the fashion establishment gave the designer the props she rightly deserves.

Is Early Reveal a PR Strategy?

We also noticed that this is the first time that official announcements of which designers were dressing which celebrities came out prior to the red carpet. Most pointedly, Céline Dion (Versace) and Nicki Minaj (H&M) were guilty of spoiling the fun. Last year, hints were sprinkled liberally throughout social media, but this level of straight-up press release style reveal felt out of place. It took away the magic of seeing the creations for the first time on the carpet leading up to the Met and destroyed the mystery of guessing the designer.

So, what has changed? Our best guess is that brands are worried their influencers might be lost in the shuffle of the evening and thought to guarantee coverage by getting out there early. This tactic had mixed success, anything that Nicki Minaj wears will receive some press, but the novelty of Celine Dion attending her first Met Gala didn’t make a blip on social media.

As with every Met Gala, there are designers whose creations take your breath away and there are dresses that become memes, in each instance, social media mentions play a part in the coverage. So, without further ado, here is Meltwater’s 2017 Met Gala social media mentions infographic.

 Met-Gala Social Media Mentions

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