Get More out of Event Evaluation

Get More out of Event Evaluation

Mai Le
4 October 2016

As PR professionals we work hard planning events. When it goes well—the days, weeks, and months of work—are all worth it. We’re like the most badass music conductor with an orchestra of spreadsheets, phone calls, lists, emails, contracts, and site walk-throughs. No matter how long we’ve been producing events, an event still feels like a freight train without brakes, something that is coming whether you’re ready or not. So, we all “measure twice, cut once” and work towards the best event possible.

The thing is, there may be something you missed. Months ago, while this event was germinating, did you consider monitoring what was happening at the event, while it was occurring? An event evaluation beyond the usual metrics of attendee count, speakers staying on schedule, and cost of caterers?

These days, data points are king and even if site surveys are available, collecting actionable info from attendees during (or soon after) an event can be a challenge. Knowing how an event is received, while it’s occurring, can help you spot trends and inform post-event reporting. That’s why Meltwater’s Executive Alerts tracks your event’s mentions on Facebook, trending hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. It does this while following the trajectory of branded hashtags and surfacing influencers driving event-related conversations in real-time. And geo-location of the event ensures that you see social content from those attending, not those watching from afar.

This infographic (below) of last week’s World Cup of Hockey is an example of data sets that can emerge. If you were holding an event, wouldn’t you want to know that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was tweeting about it? Or that the branded event hashtag #WCH2016 trended alongside the organic hashtag #CanadasGame?

This type of social listening can add real-time dialogue to any event. Check out this World of Hockey infographic made with data from Meltwater’s Executive Alerts and if you’re interested in adding social depth to event listening and reporting, request a demo.


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