Five reasons PR Professionals should be moving to mobile

Five reasons PR Professionals should be moving to mobile

Jessica Chan
23 May 2018

Mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and portable computers are today, among the most popular tools for online interaction and human communication. Their compact and moveable nature, as well as unprecedented capabilities allow us to communicate with family and friends, colleagues, and even strangers instantaneously – fundamentally shifting the way we converse, share and distribute information.

For the PR industry, mobile communication has not only made daily tasks like monitoring the media and distributing press releases easier and more convenient, it has also completely altered the way we communicate with each other and our stakeholders.

From client and media relations to audience engagement and competitor analysis, mobile devices like smartphones allow us to communicate in real-time – sharing branded messages and content with consumers, customers and clients quickly and efficiently. With analysis software, we can also receive up-to-date insights about our online audiences – informing strategy and measuring success to improve our future campaigns.

If you haven’t already, here are five reasons to make the move to mobile:

1. It’s where the journalists are

Today’s journalists have abandoned email. Instead, they monitor conversations and industry trends on platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn in order to find relevant story ideas in real-time. These channels also allow them to gather insights from the general public quickly and efficiently – using their opinions or social commentary to boost their story’s credibility.

To get a journalist’s attention today, PR professionals will need to engage with them online – and distribute press releases privately on social media. Direct messaging on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram will increase your chances of being noticed in a crowded market and might result in better media coverage for your brand. However, remember to keep your messages relevant, to-the-point and professional at all times.

2. It’s easier to engage with influencers

Influencers such as bloggers, vloggers and socialites attract large audiences because of their expertise or opinions on particular topics. These key leaders are mostly active online – using photos, videos and copy to tell their stories. This means you’ll need to be mobile too in order to attract them to your brand.

If you can show them that you understand their personal brand and that you’re using the same platform to build it, crafting a genuine relationship with them will be much easier. As your relationship grows, these influencers can also become brand ambassadors or even unpaid raving fans.

3. You can monitor much faster – often in real-time

To survive, grow and succeed in a global and digital market, PR professionals will need to use mobile devices like smartphones throughout the day – and be on call 24/7. With media monitoring software like Meltwater, you can have access to real-time updates and have them delivered direct to your smartphone or other devices – ensuring you never miss an opportunity to promote your brand, or uncover new insights about your audience.

4. You can respond to crisis at lightning speed

Being mobile enables you to respond to a crisis (often taking place online and on social) at lightning speed. Reply to DMs, make a post addressing the issue, or retweet branded messages to totally avert a crisis – or at least take control of the situation as it unfolds – with the click of a button. A mobile-savvy social media command centre will also help to keep your brand in (or out) of the spotlight, depending on the desired outcome.

5. You’ll be there when news breaks – or as it’s breaking

Because journalists are using mobile platforms more than any other – news often breaks on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook before primetime news outlets. In fact, newspapers and 6pm news shows often relay yesterday’s news in more depth, instead of actually breaking it to the public for the first time.

Being present on platforms that are mobile-friendly will give you access to industry news as it breaks. Just like journalists, you can monitor social media on your smartphone to uncover emerging trends, or potentially damaging news stories before they hit mainstream media – giving you the ability to act fast and take advantage of every opportunity.

About the author:

Mimrah Mahmood is the Asia-Pacific Regional Director of Media Solutions at Meltwater, where he helps numerous organisations break down media data (social, print and other), to create meaningful insights; build progressive and scientific frameworks to track efforts in PR and marketing; build road-maps to improve communications plans; and identify opportunities and threats that arise from competitors.

As a leader within a multi-award winning company, Mimrah is a proud advocate of better measurement practices in PR, Brand and Strategic Communications. You can connect with Mimrah on LinkedIn


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